last updated: May 16, 2013

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Hiro Ishise (ISHISE, Hirokazu)

Ph.D. (Economics), Boston University

Curriculum Vitae (May 2013): PDF file

Email: ishise@gmail.com


Fields of Interest

Macroeconomics and International Economics

Working paper

"Investment Uncertainty, Capacity Constraint, and International Trade: Putty-Clay in a Ricardian Model"

  • "Trade Costs and Business Cycle Transmission in a Multi-country, Multi-sector Model"

  • "The World Has More Than Two Countries: Implications of Multi-Country International Real Business Cycle Models"

    "Trade in Polarized America: the Border Effect between Red States and Blue States" (with Miwa Matsuo)

    Published paper

  • "Inventory-Theoretic Money Demand and Relative Price Dynamics"(with Nao Sudo), 2013, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 45: 299-326.
  • "Aggregate Returns to Social Capital: Estimates Based on the Augmented Augmented-Solow Model" (with Yasuyuki Sawada), 2009, Journal of Macroeconomics, 31: 376-93.

    Other work

  • "Kokusai Boueki-ron no Kinnenn no Shinten: Ishitsuteki Kigyou no Boueki Koudou ni Kansuru Riron to Jisshou"
         (in Japanese; "A Survey on Recent Theoretical and Empirical International Trade Literature"), 2013, Kinyu Kenkyu 32 (2): 1-61.
    Subpages (1): paperabstract