Work in Progress (selected)

The Slow Diffusion of Earnings Inequality (with Melanie Wallskog).

Working Papers

Teacher Preferences and Student Achievement (with Michael Bates, Michael Dinerstein, and Andrew Johnston). [Email for a draft.]

Firms and Unemployment Insurance Take-up (with Marta Lachowska and Stephen Woodbury). [PDF], July 2021.

Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages (with Gregor Jarosch and Jan Sebastian Nimczik). [PDF, NBER #26239], July 2021.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bartik Instruments: What, When, Why, and How (with Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham and Henry Swift). [Official Link, PDF, NBER #24408, Code, Replication Archive]. American Economic Review, 110(8): 2586-2624, 2020.

Discussed by: Development Impact

Reconsidering the Consequences of Worker Displacements: Firm versus Worker Perspective (with Aaron Flaaen and Matthew D. Shapiro). [Official Link, PDF, Appendix, NBER #24077]. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 11(2): 193-227, 2019.

Ranking Firms Using Revealed Preference [Official Link, PDF, Appendix, NBER #23938, Code]. Quarterly Journal of Economics 133(3): 1331-1393, 2018.

Discussed by: A Fine Theorem, Modeled Behavior, Marginal Revolution

Industry Dynamics and the Minimum Wage: A Putty-Clay Approach (with Daniel Aaronson, Eric French and Ted To). [Official Link, PDF]. International Economic Review 59(1): 51-84, 2018.

Discussed by: The Economist, The New York Times (1), The New York Times (2), New York Times (3), Marginal Revolution, Wall Street Journal Real Time Economics Blog, The Atlantic Monthly Online, Equitable Growth Blog (Nick Bunker)

Are There Long-Run Effects of the Minimum Wage? [Official Link, PDF, Replication Archive]. Review of Economic Dynamics 18(1): 306-333, 2015.

Discussed by: The Economist, Slate, Marginal Revolution, Congressional Budget Office, Richmond Fed Econ Focus, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; home bias: Supply-Side Liberal (Miles Kimball), EconJeff (Jeff Smith), @JustinWolfers

Other Publications

The Role of Firms in Gender Earnings Inequality: Evidence from the U.S. [Official Link, PDF]. American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings 107(5): 384-387, 2017.

What Does the Changing Sectoral Composition of the Economy Mean for Workers? [Official Link, PDF]. Chicago Fed Letter #358, 2016.

Discussed by: Marginal Revolution.