The International Permaculture Network in Africa, Mediterranean and the Middle East initiative has been registered as a UN Rio+20 commitment to the Future We Want. 

IPNAMME perspective of permaculture ♥:

Permaculture is holistic approach to conservation on three pillars; Care for the land, care for the people and care for the environment. Holisitic conservation is linked to system thinking, ecological designs and community-solutions. Permaculture practices simulate the equilibrium of natural cycles and interact constructively with them. We regard permaculture as the path for a sustainable future of our lands, environemnt and communities.

IPNAMME is a unique partnership instituted by the International-Curricula Educators Association, winner of Educating Africa Award 2011, and UN accredited for Rio+20. IPNAMME aims at networking the interested current and prospective permaculture education providers in the vital region of Africa, Mediterranean and the Middle East, so as to link them to the rest of the world. Permaculture is hard to fit under any specific mitigation category or specific scientific domain because of its holistic nature.
This initiative has been made in Rio+20 towards the "Future We Want".

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 ICEAIDEAS for Uganda
Reading Hamlet
Moringa Research Farm
Pan African Vision for the Environment
Sector 39
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Individual Coordinators:
*Global Coordinator*

Gihan Soliman, PGCE, MSc

* Regional Coordinators*

Alessandro Ardovini (Mediterranean)
Carmen Caprilis (Latin Ameria)
Matovu Paul (Africa)