Ministry Links

These ministries are not necessarily a part of IFCA International, and their placement on this page does not imply an endorsement of everything they do. They are ministries which have been helpful to individuals in our regional, and are shared here in the hopes that they will benefit you.

Northwest Independent Church Extension

is the church planting arm of IFCA International for the Northwest. NICE was formed in 1958 by the churches of the Pacific Northwest Regional of IFCA. With the expansion of their ministry into other areas, the Inland Northwest Regional has joined in to help sponsor the ministry.

IFCA International

Founded in 1930, IFCA is a fellowship committed to Biblical ministry, seeking to accurately proclaim God's Word, exemplify Christ's character, declare God's holiness to the nations, and reflect the ethnically blended body of Christ.


One of the best resources on the web for finding answers to questions about the Bible and life. The site receives hundreds of thousands of visits each month, and offers personalized answers to submitted questions.

Living Waters Ministries

The evangelism ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, providing resources and training for sharing the gospel.

Answers in Genesis

A biblically-centered ministry on the origins of life, founded by Ken Ham. They produce quality resources that are geared for every age, and are useful for both instruction and apologetics. The Creation Museum is a world-class science center which displays the glory of God through His creation.

Good Seed International

is a ministry of Bible Study and discipleship directed by John Cross. He lived and worked for a number of years in Papua New Guinea, and developed "The Emmaus Road Message" (TERM) as an evangelism tool. There is a variety of valuable material on the website that you can utilize in your ministry.

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Idaho

The 10 northern counties of Idaho are served by local director Bev Wisdom, who seeks to work with local churches to get Good News Clubs and J-You Connections started in every community. Check their web page, and see how you can partner together to accomplish God's work.