introduction IMM

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role(s)::multimedia @ VU / ximpel / CTSGwatch

This site is open for SGC, that is student-generated content, relevant for the course. Beware that everything is public, though, and behave accordingly! 

2017/2018 -- reference(s) IMM @ VU ... ...

session(s) --thursday: HG-01A41 15.30-17.15

the course is meant to provide an introduction to IMM, ..., students attending the course are expected to organize the sessions themselves, including the schedule of speakers, feedback and the completion of assignments, as indicated in my disclaimer!    (Æ)
and as an (additional) intellectual challenge
I may ask you:what is the resolution of choice ? 
and ... ehm ... another invitation... wait ... slow, slow, slow ... upside-down / current / cycle / stage 


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