Intimate Meanderings, a book by Morgan Zo-Callahan & friends

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Dan Berrigan, our great friend and contributor, says, "This book is an amazing potpourri of wisdom. I am so grateful to you and the friends. Intimate Meanderings should be required reading in every Jesuit tent." We hope our book finds its way into your tent too. We have attempted to start, or enhance, conversations about some of life’s concerns that are worth talking about: hospice care in the context of living life fully; western and eastern spirituality, from Buddhist meditation practice to modern reflections on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius; taking action and making a difference in the world as spiritual practice; and working with the paths of teaching and creativity.

A website is not the same as being able to go into a bookstore where you pick up book, and thumb through it, but in an attempt to recreate some of that experience, we’ve posted articles, poems, reflections, and conversations from the book. They are all offered in the spirit of friendship.

Among the friends who shared their perspectives in Meanderings are several former Jesuits and one Jesuit, Buddhists, Christians with strong Buddhist leanings, Hindus, women, activists, academics and teachers. We are: Rufina Amaya, Dan Berrigan, Gene Bianchi, Bob Brophy, Morgan Zo-Callahan, "Ed," Don Foran, Sam Haycraft, Ken Ireland, Jiyu-Kennet, Bob Kaiser, John Lounibos, Don Maloney, Doug McFerran, Joe Mitchell, Eng Moy, Robert Rahl, Elizabeth Russell, Gary Schouborg, Rebecca Sheppard, Joyce Sin, Dilip Trasi, Nitin Trasi, Dave W. Van Etten, and Harry Wu.

Here is a taste of what is available in Meanderings. John Lounibos’s account of his experience studying the Sufi mystic and scholar Al-Ghazali, My Path to Islam, points to a possible spiritual opening to Islam and Western Muslims after the events of 9/11. Ken Ireland's Buddha, S.J. is a meditative reconstruction of the real encounter in 1549 between St. Francis Xavier and a Zen roshi. It is, as far as we know, the first recorded encounter between European Christianity and Zen.

In The Path of No-Seeking, Morgan wrote about Master Adi Da (Franklin Jones), and shares his experience of being Da's student. If you scroll down the Table of Contents below, you will find links to other interesting articles.

Buying the book is not only a way of joining the conversation—it is the best way you can support our work.

Intimate Meanderings is now available online, including an eBook version, from iUniverse.

Click Intimate Meanderings: Conversations Close to Our Hearts to buy from Amazon, including a version for the Kindle reader, and click here to buy from Barnes and Noble online booksellers.

And here are a few articles and poems that you can sample:

The Gift of Tears, by Ken Ireland

Who We Are, A Poem and Introduction to Activism and Volunteering by Don Foran, Ph.D.

Drape All the Mirrors, A Poem for my aunt, by Ken Ireland

Small Solitudes: Lonely Search for Meaning, A Poem by Sophie Katz

Two Poems of Remembrance, by Morgan Zo-Callahan

Touch Hands, Nigra sum sed formosa, Spring Sunlight, Stardance, Poems by Robert R. Rahl

Some, A Poem by Dan Berrigan, S.J.

Inclined Toward Love: Notes while doing the Spiritual Exercises, by Morgan Zo-Callahan

Buddha, S.J., by Ken Ireland

My Path to Islam, by John Lounibos, Ph.D.

Jesus: Beloved Disciple, but not the Belovedest, by David W. Van Etten

The Path of No-seeking, Working with Franklin Jones, by Morgan Zo-Callahan

Taking the Next Step, A Note on Activism as a Spiritual Practice,by Ken Ireland

I was the Male Swan in "Swan Lake", by Joyce Sin

Trouble Maker, A Conversation with Harry Wu

Appendix III: Websites and Resources for the Spiritual Exercises (complied by Morgan Zo-Callahan, Ken Ireland)