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Session 24 - 11/17/2012
Topic: CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for Interpreters

Session 23 - 10/27/2012
Topic: What they don't teach you at interpreting schools

Support material: Alumni feedback, from Interpreting.info.

Session 22 - 09/29/2012
Topic: Crowdsourcing interpreting: your takes, your concerns. 

Additional reading material: Why We Should Crowdsource the Interpreting Profession, by Katharine Allen, Co-President, InterpretAmerica, NAJIT Blog

Session 21 - 09/15/2012
Topic: Improving Agencies/Interpreters Relations (with a special focus on community interpreters)

Support material: The Interpreter's Third Client: Interpreters, Professionalism and Interpreting Agencies, by Uldis Ozolins, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, published in The Critical Link 4, John Benjamins, 2004.
The article is partially visible over Google Books here from page 121. Two pages are missing but the reading is still valuable. 

Session 20 - 09/01/2012
Topic: Stretchwork and Interpreting

Support material: 
1. Career advancement without experience - Harvard Business School

2. "Stretchwork: Managing the Career Progression Paradox in External Labor Markets," Academy of Management Journal, O'Mahony and Bechky. 

This is the academic article referred to in 1. You can read the abstract here. The full article is available for a $25 fee. Although it doesn't specifically refer to interpreting and interpreters, it is a fascinating vista onto freelancing. 

3. "Bluff your way into a new job", by Dan Erwin. An interesting article despite the inadequate catchy title. Recaps the academic article.

Session 19 - 07/21/2012
Topic: Freelance interpreters and collaboration. What works. What could work.

Support material: Online survey on collaboration. 
Read raw data, especially the various answers to open ended question Q. 6 : Interpreters don't much collaborate. What is your take/experience on this statement?

Session 18 - 06/30/2012
Topic: Taking C by the horns: Learning and improving passive languages for interpretation

Support documents:

The Concept of passive Languages

in simultaneous Interpretation -

Daniela Ionescou (Original link (slow!) - Faster link)

- The Interpreter's Diaries:

C is for ... - The Interpreter's Languages (Part II) - Michelle Hof

Session 17 - 06/09/2012

Topic: Digital Pen and Note-taking

The use of a digital pen is set in the training of note-taking for consecutive. It allows to visualise note-taking in action synchronized with speech. Another application of the digital pen with audio recording capabilities is to perform in Simultaneous Consecutive Interpreting (an audio note-recorder may be enough). This session will focus primarily on the digital pen applied to note-taking. 
Proponent of digital pen usage for note-taking teaching is Professor Marc Orlando at Monash University.

Support material:  

Digital Solutions for Today's challenge - Pdf of a Powerpoint presentation by Marc Orlando

Video Interview of Marc Orlando and Michele Ferrari on Facebook (the content is public, no need to register to Facebook. The sound is noisy)

2 examples of simultaneous recording of speech and notes. Dismiss the possible "This page has insecure content" alert. Enlarge full screen each example and raise the audio level.

FYI: The key text by Prof. Orlando on the subject is not public but may be purchased online. 

 Digital Pen Technology and Consecutive Interpreting: Another Dimension in Note-Taking Training and Assessment, The Interpreters’ Newsletter, 15, 2010, 71-86.

Session transcript: HTML

Session 16 - 05/12/2012

Topic: Interpreting as a language teaching and learning technique

Support material: Liaison interpreting: an integrated communicative approach to language teaching, by Alessio Zanier Visintin, Argelia Peña Aguilar, ©Universidad de 

Quintana Roo – Departamento de Lengua y Educación, 2010 

Session transcript: HTML

Session 15 - 04/21/2012

Topic: Introverts and interpreting: do they mix well?

Discussion Points: to be published soon


Translators and Interpreters - Blog entry of "Thoughts on Translation" by Corinne McKay.

Personality Type and Interpreters for the Deaf - Joan E. Blake, University of Oklahoma, College of Liberal Studies

The Power of Introverts - Susan Cain - Video presentation over TED

Session transcript: HTML

Session 14 - 03/31/2012

Session 13 - 03/17/2012The Invisible Interpreter - myths and realities of the working interpreter in context

Support document: Revisiting the Interpreter's Role, by Claudia V. Angelelli, © 2004 (Access to the document granted by the publisher)

Session Transcript: HTML

Session 12 - 03/03/2012Distant Teaching & Distance Learning Interpreting: Experiences, Needs and Expectations

Background reading material: A Closer Look at Distance Learning, by Michelle Hoff, Conference Interpreter and Trainer, Interpreter for the European institutions, member of AIIC and consultant interpreter for AIB. 

Session Transcript: HTML

Session 11 - 02/18/2012: "How many hats do you wear? - Juggling multiple professional profiles"

Background reading material: What am I? from Freelancing Matters

Session Transcript: HTML

Session 10 - 02/04/2012  :  "Justice on the cheap", the case of the UK Minister of Justice outsourcing provision of interpreting services to the private sector.

Background reading material:

Session Transcript: HTML

Session 9 - 01/21/2012 "What's wrong with us? Thinking about professional communities"

Support text: Recovering the Dropped Ball (or, The Concept of the Professional Community), by Aurora Matilde HumaránInternational Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) (Founding Member and President)

Session Transcript :HTML

Session 8 - 12/17/2011 "Becoming a better simultaneous interpreter: what's the theory, how to practice?"

Five Principles and Five Skills for Training Interpreters (Peter Kornakov)


Additional readings:

- Dummy boothing (ITR)


  - Exercises for simultaneous interpreting


  - Manual for the AOC Simultaneous Interpreting Practice Exercises


- How to be a better simultaneous interpreter (Jean Bisping)


- Using audio media to practice interpreting (Corinne McKay)


Session Transcript :HTML

Session 7 - 12/05/2011
: "Consecutive is dead, long live consecutive!"

Support video and refresher on consecutive : "AIB, Consecutive note-taking", by Dick Flemming, formerly organiser of EU Commission interpreter training course and subsequently Trainer of Trainers both in-house and for various universities.

Additional materials:
On Consecutive in general: http://home.earthlink.net/~terperto/id16.html

On teaching Consecutive: http://interpreters.free.fr/reading/ilgconsec.pdf

Psychological approach to Consecutive: http://interpreters.free.fr/reading/psychologconsecgarretson.pdf

Teaching Consecutive: the conceptual mapping model: http://www.t21n.com/homepage/articles/T21N-2010-07-Jin.pdf

Discussion Points.

Transcripts: PDF / HTML

Session 6 – 11/19/11: So I have my conference interpreting degree – what do I do now?

Link to paper
Discussion points
Transcripts: PDF / HTML

Session 5 – 11/05/11: Interpreting and Ethics: The Camayd-Freixas case.

Links to documents:

- New York Times background article.
Erik Camayd-Freixas' own report on the case.
- Democracy Now video report over Youtube, Part One and Part Two.
- The original Democracy Now report with better image quality. The specific report starts from minute 41 into the show.
- Raids, Rights, and Reforms
- Court Interpreter Ethics and the Role of Professional Organizations
Discussion points
Transcripts: PDF / HTML

Session 4 – 10/22/11: Client relationship

Link to paper
Discussion points
Transcripts: PDF / HTML

Session 3 – 10/08/11: Interpreting and Technology

Link to video
Discussion points
Transcripts: PDF / HTML

Session 2 – 09/24/11: Stress and Interpreting

Link to paper
Discussion points
Transcripts: PDF / HTML

Session 1 – 09/10/11: MYERS-BRIGGS type indicator and interpreter trainees

Link to paper
Discussion points
Transcripts: PDF / HTML