The upcoming new Interpreting Journal Club

The Interpreting Journal Club is to make a comeback soon.  As of July 21st, 2016, a pre-discussion on the format, pace and topics is going on over a private group over Whatsapp. If interested, you are invited to join. The results of these exchanges will help define the new Interpreting Journal Club. 

The past experience resulted in meetings, encounters, collaborations and friendship being nurtured offline worldwide. It is with the same spirit that we want to test-relaunch The Interpreting Journal Club sessions, but with more flexibility:

- No live session to allow a more relaxed participation and not stay awake in the middle of the night, or wake up at the wee hours to be a part of it. But live exchange is a possibility if you happen to be on-channel at the same time.

- The topic on this test session will be Remote Interpreting.

- A starting date will be announced and a session will run over several days with questions around the main topic thrown in the ring at a leisurely pace.

We are gathering background stuff to read, listen to or view, and the first test session should be launched hopefully before the end of this July month.

Your help to spread the word around, rekindle with past participants, and rousing interest of new ones will be very welcome as usual.

Cheers from Tokyo.

The good old Interpreting Journal Club, as it used to be

The Interpreting Journal Club was a public, scheduled live Twitter chat based gathering online for language interpreters and related stakeholders worldwide to discuss in chat mode topics of interests to the profession.

The Interpreting Journal Club (was) is the brainchild of Lionel Dersot, made possible by enthusiastic participants in many continents.
Some transcripts may not be available due to archive services dismiss.

If you are new to this, first read the About and How to participate pages via the top page menu.

Anyone involved or interested is welcome to participate to #IntJC sessions without any registration. Anyone means: seasoned or not interpreters, consec or simul, sign language, in conference, in social, business, medical, legal, liaison or any theater you can think about, beginners, students, teachers, interpreters with or without formal training, interpreters with many other professionals hats without distinction

Anyone also means related stakeholders of the interpreting market, trainers, training schools, service providers, serious intermediaries and users of our services as well. 

Come to learn, exchange, think, get hints and ideas, provide insights and link with other interpreters and stakeholders worldwide.

Transcripts of past sessions are available in the Archive tab above. Read some and get a feel of how it works. Although it may look messy at first, real professional communication takes place that is inquisite and satisfying at the same time. #IntJC benefits from regular participants that are both strong supporters and cheerleaders. They are top-gun interpreters as well as trainers and trainees from many countries.
Don't feel overwhelmed by subjects and academic stance. Anyone can participate. Read the sections in the menu bar above on "How to prepare" and "How to participate".

We use Twitter to make this happen. There is no membership and no registration required to participate. Come relaxed to the next #IntJC session.