Policies & Procedures

Due Process

P-PIC has a comprehensive Due Process procedure which outlines the processes for addressing concerns about intern performance, as well as interns' concerns about training. Due process ensures that decisions made by internship supervisors about interns are not arbitrary or biased, requires the internship site to identify specific evaluative procedures which are applied to all trainees, and have appropriate appeal procedures available to the intern to challenge the internship’s actions. The due process policy can be found in the Handbook on the Welcome page.

Evaluation and Feedback

Feedback is provided to interns during weekly supervision and through semi-annual formal written evaluations of intern performance. If significant concerns about an intern’s performance are identified, the intern will be formally notified in writing of the specific problem and steps for remediation will be reviewed. The status will be reviewed within three months time, or the next formal evaluation, whichever comes first. In the case of a Probation Notice, the problem’s status will be reviewed within the time frame set by the notice. Additionally, interns complete an evaluation of their internship site following each internship experience which are reviewed and discussed by the Consortium Coordinating and Training Committee to assist in program planning. The evaluation forms can be downloaded below.

Seminar Evaluation Form.pdf
P-PIC Intern Evaluation Form_PDF Version.pdf
P-PIC Supervisor and Program Evaluation.pdf