Core Facilities

Wesley Family Services

Wesley Family Services is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of programs designed to empower the individuals, families, schools, and communities served through an unconditional commitment to transformational care. Services provided through the various locations within the agency include autism, behavioral health, education, and family services. Interns at Wesley Family Services will spend time at select outpatient offices and the two Approved Private Schools.

The K-8 School and High School includes an acute hospitalization, partial hospitalization, and outpatient levels of care that serves students from over 50 school districts in Western Pennsylvania with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. The primary goal within the schools is to create a safe environment that meets each student’s education and therapeutic needs. Psychologists and interns work collaboratively to conduct comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations and functional behavior assessments to make data driven decisions regarding education placements, develop theoretically integrated case conceptualizations, and provide relevant recommendations for student educational, social, and emotional treatment within these non-traditional school settings. When applicable, interns will participate in Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, which typically consist of teachers, therapists, and educational therapeutic support staff, as well as team members from the student’s home school district. Facilitation of students’ social and emotional development are supported through individual and group therapy as well as individualized academic and behavioral interventions. Client-centered and consultee-centered consultation to teachers and therapists within the two school settings are often utilized within various treatment teams to provide additional support to staff and students.

The Outpatient Program offers a variety of diagnostic evaluation and psychological testing related outpatient services. In the outpatient setting, comprehensive psychological evaluations and best practice evaluations are conducted in order to provide diagnostic clarification as well as to recommend applicable and appropriate services and interventions for the child and family. This process includes collaboration and consultation with multidisciplinary treatment team members both internally and externally (e.g. BHRS staff, outpatient therapists, service coordinators, family-based services teams, etc.) There are a wide range of diverse mental and behavioral health referrals, however, due to a large autism population, the outpatient setting includes an opportunity to develop specialized skills with individuals on the autism spectrum, including proficiency on diagnostic classification of ASD, as well as service recommendations specific to this population. Additional specialty area opportunities include foster care, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, individual and family outpatient therapy, group therapy, or neuropsychological assessment. Ongoing research opportunities within the various outpatient programs are consistently provided.

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Department of Transplant Psychology

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Department of Transplant Psychology focuses on providing psychological services as part of the multidisciplinary assessment and management of psychosocial functioning among solid organ transplant candidates and recipients. As transplant psychologists we surround the patient and family with support, information, and education. Our goal is to provide on-going support to our pre- and post-transplant patients and address social-emotional or behavioral needs. Transplant psychologists also serve as psychosocial liaisons to all solid organ and related transplant teams, including kidney, liver, small bowel, heart, lung and multi-visceral. Program faculty have expertise across a broad range of behavioral medicine domains, including psychological/neuropsychological assessment, medication adherence, adjustment to illness, multicultural aspects of medical management, developmental delay, chronic pain, and neurocognitive impairment within chronic disease populations. Specific responsibilities of the intern include (but are not limited to):

  • School psychological services that include collaboration and consultation with schools and districts for the purpose of transition back into educational settings post-transplant. Activities include creation of 504 plans, consultations with school personnel, psychoeducation about transplant and needed academic accommodations

  • Pretransplant evaluations to determine psycho-social functioning and readiness of candidates and their families for a transplant based on their psychosocial stability and how likely they are to adhere to medical directions.

  • Inpatient psychological consults of pre- and post-transplant patients.

  • Outpatient annual psychosocial evaluations of post-transplant patients to monitor patients for psychosocial, developmental, and/or academic concerns or adherence related issues.

  • Outpatient individual or family therapy with pre- and post-transplant patients (virtual and/or in-person).

Psychology and Learning Center

Psychology and Learning Center is a multi-specialty provider of behavioral health services for the Beaver Valley and surrounding areas north of Pittsburgh, PA and proudly serve over 1,000 patients monthly. Services are provided primarily in our outpatient clinic, but also though telehealth and a local school-based services contract. Our overarching goal is to provide top quality patient care and ensure that every patient is able be understood in terms of their strengths and needs, obtain the most appropriate levels of care across agencies/schools, and reach his or her potential. Current services include clinical, best practice, and neuropsychological evaluations as well as outpatient counseling and therapeutic intervention services for children, adolescents, and adults. Medication management services as well as school-based counseling services are scheduled for late summer/fall 2020 implementation. Specialty areas of providers include diagnosis and consultation regarding neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD) as well as behavioral and trauma-stressor-related disorders, neuropsychological evaluation, coordination of care across community agencies (schools, hospitals, social and behavioral health agencies), and individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults dealing with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, social skill develop, adjustment, trauma, marriage/relationship issues, and gender/LGTBQ issues.

Fallon Psych

The mission at Fallon Psych is to provide quality comprehensive psychological services to children and their families in the Pittsburgh area. At Fallon Psych, we place a significant value on a systems-based approach--taking into account how the child's family, educational, and community environments interact. Acknowledging the importance that each system plays in an individual's life is essential to understanding the current needs and approaches that will best serve the child. We also address all referrals with a strength-based approach and utilize these strategies to create treatment plans and goals. Services offered include individual therapy, group therapy, social skills training, family therapy, parenting consultation, and comprehensive psychological evaluations. Services are rendered at our outpatient office in Monroeville, Pa. At Fallon Psych we specialize in providing care for a wide variety of children, adolescents, and young adults. Areas of particular specialty include anxiety disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, family discord/divorce, trauma, learning disabilities, and depression.