Year Table of Internet History of Asia and World

Year Asia World
 SDC-MIT/Lincoln Lab Network Expereiment
 1970    NPL Data Communications Network
 1971    Tymnet
 1972    ARPANET Demonstration at ICCC
Int'l Network Working Group (INWG)
 1973    ARPANET Extension to UK and Norway
 Cyclades, France
 BBN Telenet Service
   First Major TCP Internetwork Demonstration
 1979    UUCPNET
 IAB (originally ICCB)
 1980  ACSNET, Australia
 Networks-80, India
 IPv4 Network Development Proposal (S.Korea)
 4000~5000 Users with Over 66 Nodes (ARPANET)
 1981  N1net, Japan
 Contacts to CSNET, UUCPNET (South Korea)
 1982  IPv4 Network (SDN), South Korea  International Academic NetWorkshop (IANW)
 1983  UUCPNET/Usenet in Asia, South Korea
 CSNET in Asia (Israel)
 IPv4 Deployment
 Separation of MILNET from ARPANET
 1984  NUS/UNESCO Workshop, Singapore
 1985   BITNET in Asia, Japan
 Pacific Computer Comm. Symposium (PCCS)
 DNS Deployment
 Pacific Computer Comm. Symposium (PCCS)
 2000 Hosts
 1986  ccTLDs in Asia
 Int'l Academic NetWorkshop-AsiaPacific
 Joint Workshop on Computer Communications
 SDN Workshop (changed to WCCW, SWCC)
 Commercial IP Routers (Cisco, Proteon)
 Brain (computer virus)
 1987    10,000 Hosts Connected to Internet
Commercial Internet Service Provider (UUnet)
 1988  WIDE Project
 Morris Worm 
 Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
 CERT Coordination Center
 1989  PAcific Computer COMm Project (PACCOM)
Int'l Academic NetWorkshop (IANW), Sydney
 Commercial ISP (Pegasus, Australia)
 100,000 Hosts Connected to Internet
 1990  IP Meeting, Japan (changed to Internet Week)  ARPANET Phaseout
 3 Million Internet Users
 1991  APNG (orignally APCCIRN)
 CAREN (Consortium of Asian R&E Network)
 INET, Copenhagen 
 1992  INET, Kobe  Internet Society
 One Million Computers Connected to Internet 
 1993  JPNIC (originally JNIC)
 APNIC Pilot Project 
 IETF RFC  (Japan, South Korea)
 NIST Approval of TCP/IP as GOSIP Alternative
 1994  Interop, Tokyo
 Broadband Network Project, South Korea
 WWW Consortium (W3C) 
 1995  APNIC
 NSFNET Phaseout
 Windows95 (with TCP/IP)
 1996  APRICOT, Singapore   Internet World Exposition
 International Ad Hoc Committee (IAHC) 
 1997  APAN
 TransPac Project
 M Root Server, Japan
 ThruNet, South Korea
 Naver, South Korea
 1998  APTLD (originally APccTLD)
 Singapore-MIT Alliance(Remote Class)
 Int'l Forum on the White Paper (IFWP)
 US-EU Safe Harbor Agreement
 1999  First ICANN Meeting, Singapore 
 Remote Intercontinental Class (USA-Japan)
 Alibaba, China
 Tencent, China
 SayClub, and Cyworld, South Korea
 IPv6 Deployment
 2000  Trans-Eurasia Information Network(TEIN)
 AP* Retreat
 Baidu, China
 Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC)
 100 Million Internet Users in Asia
 Multilingual Internet Name Consortium
 2001  School on Internet (SOI) Asia 
 Asia PKI Consortium (originally Asia PKI Forum)
 2002  APCERT
 APNG Camp, Bangkok
 IETF, Yokohama
 Silk Programme
 100 Million Internet Users
 2003  SANOG  SQL Slammer Worm
 WSIS, Geneva
 2004  GLORIAD (China, Russia, South Korea,...)
 2005 100 Million Internet Users in China  WSIS, Tunis
 2006  DotAsia  One Billion Internet Users
 Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
 AWS (Amazon)
 2007  SIGCOMM, Kyoto  Smart Phone (iPhone)
 Android OS
 IGF, Hyderabad 
 Africa Asia Forum on Network Res. & Eng.
 China: Largest Internet User Population (220m)
 Blockchain and Bitcoin
 2009  Interop, Mumbai
 Weibo, China
 Central Asia Res. & Edu. Network (CAREN)
 100 Million Websites with Apache
 One ZB Data/Year (IDC)
 2010  APrIGF
 Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA)
 2011  One Billion Internet Users in Asia
 IPv4 Exhaustion at APNIC
 Asia Internet History Project
 Two Billion Internet Users
 IPv4 Exhaustion at IANA
 Cyberspace Conference, London
 2 Million Monthly New Malware Samples (McAfee) 
 2012  DiDi Chuxing, China  WCIT-2012, Geneva
 Facebook with One Billion Users
 2013  One Billion Messaging Users in Asia
  Alipay: largest mobile payment platform     

 Snowden Revelations
 One Billion Messaging Users in the World
 One Billion Smartphones/Year
 2014   World Internet Conference, Wuzhen, China
  Korea Internet History Project
 NETmundial, Sao Paulo
 3 Billion Internet Users
 Ten ZB Data Created/Year (IDC)
 2015  APSIG
 India: Second Largest Internet User Population
 8 Billion Iot Devices (or 10 Billion or 13 Billion
 1 Billion WeChat Accounts
 Electronic World Trade Platform(Alibaba)  IANA Transfer (2016-10-01)
 Mirai, First IoT DDoS
 Internet Shutdown Rule in India
 1 Trillion-Dollar E-Commerce in China
 2 Billion Facebook Users
 4 Billion Internet Users (52% penetration)
 WannaCry Malware
 2 Billion Internet Users in Asia  GDPR
 5G Deployment (China, South Korea)  5G Deployment (USA, UK, Germany; China, South Korea)
 Trillion Dollar Companies (Apple, MS; Google, Amazon)
 Digital Currency (Cambodia, China/DCEP)  EU: Digital Market Acts, and Digital Service Acts
 2 Billion WhatsApp Users
 Coronavirus Pandemic (online: meeting, work, school,....)
 2021  Starlink
 Bitcoin, Trillion Dollar Market Value

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