Book 4 (2011-2020)

Expected to be completed by 2022.

Book 4 (2011-2020) 

table of contents -  initial draft


1. introduction

    links; fiber,  wireless: 5g and wifi, low orbital satellite, quantum communications

    data center and cloud computing

    internet ai

    usa and china (& asia)

    space defense


2. social media

    social networking sites; facebook, linkedin

    messaging; whatsup, facebook message, wechat, line, kakao,...

    tweets (short message); twitter, weibo,...

    picture; instagram,...

    video; youtube,...

    others; slack, pincrest, tumblr, 

3. e-commerce

    retail; amazon, alibaba,..

    e-payment; alipay, tencent,....

    ride sharing; uber, lyft. didi, 

4. digital governance

    internet; netmundial, iana transition

    iot governance

    data governance

    security goverenance

    ai governance


5. conferences

    china; wic, cic, 





6. snapshots - 2020


7. retrospective

    1969 - apollo 11 and arpanet

    internet ai

    dominant players; usa and china


references & bibliography

appendix 1 - personal essays (past and new submissions)




appendix 2 - online education