Textbook Adoption for Instructors


If you an instructor/teacher working at a University, College, or High School and are currently or are considering teaching the Revit software and would like to receive a review/exam copy of one or both Revit books, please send an email to instantrevit@gmail.com. For instructors teaching at schools that are located out of the United States, a PDF version of the book will be sent instead of the printed version.

You may also have access to the Video Tutorials and Support Files. In addition, you will be given access to sample syllabi, weekly schedules, multiple choice exams, and performance tests that I use with my Introduction to Revit course.

Please include the following information in the email:

  • Your name

  • Name and website of University, College, or High School

  • Your position (please include a link to your instructor page if available)

  • Subjects/classes taught

  • Mailing address (school addresses only, please)

  • Email address associated with Google Account (for Video Tutorial access)


Dave Martin


Note: Please be assured that I will not sell your information for marketing purposes. Your privacy is important to me.