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Explain Everything...engaging students in creative productivity

posted Jan 12, 2016, 5:48 AM by Christine Lion-Bailey
Have you tried flipping your classroom?  Have you empowered your students to become the teacher?  Do you wish that you could incorporate more creativity into student learning/productivity?  Do you have a hunger to do these things in your classroom but just don't know where to start?  May I present to you this week's Byte of Information... "Explain Everything"- an interactive screen casting whiteboard app that is sure to satisfy your appetite for creativity in the classroom.  

Explain Everything is a free app that allows students the opportunity to develop their own animated screen-cast lessons and projects right on their Chromebook and/or iPad.  Explain Everything provides students with a white board (the background color can be modified) to which they can add text, images, video clips, drawings, and more. Students can then record a voice over and add animations to the presentation.  The end result is a video that students can upload to YouTube, their Google Drive, or AirPlay and share with their classmates, parents, and beyond.  This is an interactive and creative way to have students create chapter/lesson reviews, student developed lessons, projects, and more.

Visit explaineverything.com to see all of the ways that this engaging interactive app can ignite excitement in your classroom.  If you feel that this would be a great way for you to engage your students, let me know and we will push the Explain Everything app to grade level students via the Google/iPad Dashboard. As always, Happy Tech-ing!