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Released: Nov. 29, 2020 (DBC Inc. Books)

The Esports Education Playbook: Empowering Every Learner Through Inclusive Gaming is not just a practical guide on how to get a program up and running in a school but, more importantly, takes a look at WHY schools should consider creating esports programs for their students, examines the social-emotional benefits these programs provide, reviews concerns (and shares counterpoints with research) that stakeholders may have, and explores how the COVID pandemic turned esports into the athletics of remote learning. We share tips and success stories (with a few failures thrown in) from educators and experts in the field professionally to help navigate the pitfalls of growing a program. And we even take a trip down memory lane with our good friend, Mike Washburn, to look at how we went from Pong to the fastest growing sport in the globe.

I proudly co-authored this book with Chris Aviles, Steve Isaacs, and Jesse Lubinksy.

Released: Jan. 14, 2020 (DBC Inc. Books)

We're at the dawn of an incredible transformation in education. Augmented reality and virtual reality--technologies that were once the province of science fiction and fantasy--are faster, better, and more affordable than ever. These tools have the potential to not only inspire students but to redefine how we teach and collaborate. But widespread adoption of AR and VR in K-12 classrooms requires taking risks, investing money and time, and training educators.

Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality makes the case for taking this leap by showing how educators are using these amazing technologies, and it provides a powerful framework to help anyone, in any school, join them. The innovative educators profiled are already designing learning experiences using AR and VR that supercharge student motivation, encourage creativity, and make otherwise impossible educational adventures accessible to all. You can do the same, using easy-to-implement resources that will revolutionize how you approach instruction. Equip your students with the skills they'll need in the future--today.

I proudly co-authored this book with Jesse Lubinsky and Micah Shippee, PhD.

Contributions to Publications

Released: May 21, 2018 (EduMatch)

Adversity itself is not what defines us. It is how we react to that adversity and the choices we make that creates who we are and how we will persevere. The Fire Within: Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning is a compilation of stories from amazing educators who have faced personal adversity head on and have become stronger people for it. They use their new-found strength to support the students and teachers they work with. They are sharing their stories with a hope that others in the same situations might not feel alone, knowing that in our darkest hours, when our situations feel the most hopeless, is when we develop the extraordinary characteristics that make us who we are at our very cores. 

I contributed a poem about overcoming adversity.

Other Publications

Released: 2021 (TeachThought)

An overview of the XR ABC Framework for the adoption of Augmented and Virtual Reality.  This framework allows for any educator to feel empowered to adopt these emergent technologies in their classrooms.

Co-authored with Jesse Lubinksy & Micah Shippee, PhD.

Released: Jan/Feb 2019 (School Leader Magazine)

The journey of one K-8 NJ School district in their journey to become Future Ready.  From Leadership and Curriculum & Instruction to Technology, this school district took a long reflective look at their practices and developed an action plan for future growth.