CLB... a little bit about Christine Lion-Bailey
A Google Certified Innovator and self-proclaimed edtech junkie with a zeal for teaching and learning, my passion is to
provide school leaders & teachers with the tools and knowledge necessary to find success in the constant evolution of educational technology while sparking innovation and creativity.

When I first started teaching I was fortunate to have a SMARTBoard, a technology that was unprecedented.  I distinctly remember sitting in front of that board, remote in my hand, with no idea how to proceed; I was petrified that the principal who had just hired me would find me in this helpless state and I would forever be a disappointment.  Now, many years later, is my hope, purpose, and passion that no teacher ever feel that overwhelming sense of confusion and fear of disappointing when it comes to technology in the classroom.  Technology should be a tool that enhances the learning experience, never a replacement for the learning experience.  Good technology is invisible- it is the learning that one should notice when they enter the classroom.  

So how did I end up as a Director of Technology & Innovation?  
I started my career in education as an undergraduate where I had the distinct honor of working in collaboration with a team of professors and other assistants in writing an American Studies curriculum for a Russian university. It is here where my enthusiasm for curriculum was born.  I then went on to be a teacher in a middle school setting where I quickly became the guinea pig for all things edtech related.  I then was fortunate to be hired in Morris Plains as the Supervisor of Technology & Enrichment, where I was able to take my passion for curriculum, my experiences as a tech-happy teacher, and my love of keeping up with the latest edtech trends and foster that same love, confidence, and practice within the staff in Morris Plains.  I have since been promoted to Director of Technology & Innovation where I oversee all technology and innovation for the district.  From coordinating educational technology tools and hardware to developing and writing curriculum to support innovation, my role in the Morris Plains School District allows me to extend my reach to students, staff, and leadership.  I am also an active member of the Future Ready Schools-NJ team. I have not only facilitated the certification of my district, but I have also presented on behalf of FRS-NJ and worked with districts around the state to support their own certification journey. I have presented at numerous conferences throughout the state on various educational technology/innovation topics and do consulting work with school districts to support innovative educational practices.

That is my story- at least that is only the beginning.... here is so much more left to accomplish!  For all the latest, follow me on Twitter (@clionbailey) or connect with me on Voxer (clionbailey), or check back here for updates and articles.
Happy Tech-ing!