Inner Wheel Club of

Reading Maiden Erlegh

UPDATED: 12 October 2019

Diana Phillips

Senior Vice President


Jackie Bignell



Personal message from President Jackie Bignell

Our Inner Wheel club is very young in the scheme of things, having been founded in 2001, whereas Inner Wheel itself was founded in Manchester in 1924 by the wife of a Rotarian. Open membership with no Rotary connection was not introduced until 2012. I was involved with Inner Wheel from 2007, being the dance teacher engaged to run classes for a fundraising initiative in aid of Mercy Ships. Shortly afterwards I was invited to join the club as an honorary member but as such was not able to vote or hold office, so I was delighted when invited to become a full member of this great club and even more delighted to be voted in as Junior Vice President in 2017, leading to my Presidency this year.

Our club holds many social and fundraising events throughout the year and still actively supports Rotary events. In the spirit of the Inner Wheel objectives, I have chosen supportive charities for our fundraising events this year. These are both registered charities, the first being Macmillan Cancer Support and the second is for groups supporting people who have been bereaved by suicide. Our International fundraising will be in support of the District charity ‘Women and Girls’ helping to reduce discrimination of women in India due to period issues and poverty. We shall continue to attend a local care home and provide activities for the residents. In addition, I am interested in Esther Rantzen's charity ‘Silverline’ and in fostering links with some overseas Inner Wheel clubs. Having been to two Inner Wheel International Conventions, I found it amazing that so many women from various backgrounds and cultures come together to enjoy each other's company and to work altogether to improve the lives of those not so fortunate as ourselves. The friendship shown by all those attending and the hospitality provided by clubs within the host country was incredible. Our club is here to support each of us and to provide fun and friendship while working together to help others. I feel proud to be a part of that and honoured to help promote the Inner Wheel ethos by presiding over our events this year.

Jackie Bignell

June 2019