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Welcome to Rosalie Mackay's In Line Boots line dancing.

This site was updated June 2018.

The links above are provided to orientate you to In Line Boots along with the fun and pleasure gained from line dancing.

In Line Boots classes range from beginners to experienced. Line dancing is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all ages.

Why not join us and become a line dancer?

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email Rosalie at:
Rosalie Mackay

Phone: 9451-7261 

Mobile: 0425-282-706

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Please visit the choreographed page link, where my new dances are listed in red.  Click here to go to the choreograph page link

Rosalie's Choreography for 2017:
Castle On The Hill - Intermediate (January 2017)
Yanada - Intermediate (September 2017)
Starlight Starbright - Beginner (September 2017)
You Can't Buy Love - September 2017)
Just Be Yourself - Beginner Waltz (October 2017)
Female, Heart Of Life - Intermediate (November 2017)

Rosalie's Dances Chorogoraphed  for 2016 are:

Can't Smile Without You (March 2016)
Ding Dong Sing My Song (2016)
Freedom Ride ( 2016)
My Hometown (June 2016)
Our Time (June 2016)
Teach Me To Dance (2016)
The Lucky Ones (2016)

Top Of The List (October 2013)
Truck Stop Honey (April 2014)
Que Sera (June 2014)
Window Of Roses (July 2014)
Budapest (August 2014) link to demo on this site: https://sites.google.com/site/inlineboots4u/home/video-youtube
Come Out Tonight (August 2014)
Not Over You (September 2014)
Why? (With Jan Wyllie September 2014)
The dances below are on youtube. Click, "Click Here!" to watch the video. The videos are also in the Video YouTube link page.

Budapest is on youtube:

Big Country Sky - Intermediate (July 2013) Click Here!
Here Comes the Fall - Intermediate (July 2013) Click Here!

In Line Boots dancers at Rosalie's Dance Ranch