Inés Olza

E-mail: iolzamor at unav dot es

I am a Tenured Researcher in Linguistics at the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra (UNav), an interdisciplinary research center for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Within ICS, I am affiliated with the Emotional Culture and Identity Project (CEMID).

At UNav I lead the Multimodal Pragmatics Lab (MuPra Lab) and the Knowledge Generation Project MultiNeg on multimodal patterns for negation and disagreement, funded between 2019 and 2022 by the Spanish Ministry of Science (PGC2018-095703-B-I00). I am also a member of the Red Hen Lab, a distributed laboratory for research on multimodal communication.

My research focuses on figurative language, gesture and phraseology from the perspective of Pragmatics, Cognitive Linguistics and Multimodality.

Recent publications

Pagán, C., J. Valenzuela, D. Alcaraz, I. Olza & M. Ramscar (2020): "Quantifying the speech-gesture relation with massive multimodal datasets: Informativity in time expressions", PLoS ONE,

Valenzuela, J., C. Pagán, I. Olza & D. Alcaraz (2020): "Gesturing in the wild: Evidence for a flexible mental timeline", Review of Cognitive Linguistics, 18(2), 289-315.

Myre Jørgensen, A. & I. Olza (2019): "Phraseology in teenage language in Spanish, English and Norwegian: Notes on a number of fixed expressions that articulate disagreement”, Languages in Contrast,
DOI: 10.1075/lic.17013.jor.

Steen, Hougaard, Joo, Olza, Pagán, Pleshakova, Ray, Uhrig, Valenzuela, Woźny & Turner (2018): “Toward an infrastructure for data-driven multimodal communication research”, 
Linguistics Vanguard, 4/1, 20170041.

Turchyn, Olza, Pagán, Steen, Turner, Valenzuela & Ray (2018): “Gesture annotation with a visual search engine for multimodal communication research”, IAAI-18 - Artificial Intelligence Conference, article 72.