Honorary Members

"The conference may elect to honorary membership such persons who have been active members of the conference for three or more years and are deemed deserving of this honor on the basis of contributions made to the fields of interest and endeavor encompassed by the purpose of this conference. A vote of  two-thirds of the members attending the business session shall be required for election."
 - Excerpt from INCDNCM Bylaws-
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NameYear Inducted
NameYear Inducted
Harvey Artsob 2008 
Robert Elbel 2005 
Jack Allard  
Malcolm R. Bow  
Ernest J. Bowmer  
Jack H. Brown  
Willy Burgdorfer  
C.E. Dolman  
Charles H. Drake  
W.R. Giedt  
James K. Gray  
Jack D. Gregson  
William L. Jellison  
E. Silver Keeping  
Glen M. Kohls  
Edwin H. Lennette  
W.M. Levin  
Donald McLean  
K.F. Meyer  
Richard Ormsbee  
R.R. Parker  
C.B. Philip  
Showing 22 items