About Us

The annual International Conference on Diseases in Nature Communicable to Man seeks to increase knowledge and awareness of zoonotic disease within the medical and public health communities.
INCDNCM conferences are multidisciplinary, including presentations on viral, rickettsial, bacterial, parasitic, and prion-related diseases acquired from natural sources, including animals (wild or domestic), contaminated water or food supplies, arthropod vectors and other sources.

Submitted presentations are typically 10-15 minutes in length and can describe epidemiological, clinical, ecological, diagnostic or laboratory-related aspects of the above diseases. Student presentations are encouraged.

The R.R. Parker Memorial Lecture, features an invited specialist in an aspect of zoonotic disease.

Please join us for updates on some very intriguing diseases. It is always a memorable scientific event.

Please visit our sister organization:
The Southwest (James Steele) Conference on Diseases in Nature Transmissible to Man