Ignacio Monzón

Junior Chair, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Associate Professor, University of Turin (Esomas)

Research Fellow, CEPR 

Curriculum Vitae

Fields of Interest: Game Theory, Observational Learning, Labor Economics

Director, Master in Economics at Collegio Carlo Alberto



The Perils of Friendly Oversight (with Dino Gerardi and Edoardo Grillo), Journal of Economic Theory, (2022) 204. 105500. Abstract

Bargaining over a Divisible Good in the Market for Lemons (with Dino Gerardi and Lucas Maestri), American Economic Review, (2022) 112 (5): 1591-1620. Abstract and Technical Addendum

Cooperation in Social Dilemmas through Position Uncertainty (with Andrea Gallice), The Economic Journal, (2019) 129, Issue 621, pp. 2137–2154. Abstract, Media briefing

Observational Learning in Large Anonymous Games, Theoretical Economics, (2019) 14. pp. 403-435. Abstract and Online Appendix

Identifying Sorting in Practice (with Cristian Bartolucci and Francesco Devicienti), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, (2018) 10(4). pp. 408-438. Abstract and Online Appendix

Aggregate Uncertainty Can Lead to Incorrect Herds, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, (2017) 9(2). pp. 295-314. Abstract and Code

Observational Learning with Position Uncertainty (with Michael Rapp), Journal of Economic Theory, (2014) 154. pp. 375-402. Abstract

Work in Progress

Mediation in Dynamic Contracting (with Doruk Cetemen, Dino Gerardi and Lucas Maestri)

Contact Information

ignacio (at) carloalberto.org

Collegio Carlo Alberto

Office #106, First Floor

Piazza Vincenzo Arbarello, 8 - 10122 Torino TO, Italy

University of Turin (ESOMAS Department)

Office #3.21, Third Floor

Corso Unione Sovietica, 218 Bis - 10134 Torino