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Introducing myself:

I am a professor of economics at the University of Torino (ESOMAS Department), a Fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto (Torino) and a Research Fellow at IZA (Bonn). I have previously served as a senior researcher at the Institute for Social and Economic Research (Essex, UK), the LABORatorio Revelli (Torino), as an internal consultant at the World Bank (Washington, D.C.) and external consultant for the Italian Commission on Poverty and Social Exclusion, the International Labour Organization, ISFOL and NERA. I received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Essex. My main areas of research are in labor economics, income distribution and poverty and applied microeconometrics. At the university of Torino, I am the director of the undergraduate degree in Economics (Laurea in Economia e Commercio) and teach labor economics and empirical methods for economics and social sciences.

Selected publications:

"Identifying sorting in practice", with Cristian Bartolucci and Ignacio Monzon, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 10(4), 2018.

"The advantages of formalizing networks: New evidence from Italian SMEs", with M. Cisi, A. Manello and D. Vannoni, Small Business Economics, forthcoming.

"Collective bargaining and the evolution of wage inequality in Italy", with Bernardo Fanfani and A. Maida, WorkINPS Papers, n. 12/2018, British Journal of Industrial Relations, forthcoming.

What are the benefits of having more female leaders? Evidence from the use of part-time work in Italy”, with E. Grinza, A. Manello and D. Vannoni, Industrial and Labor Relation Review, forthcoming.

(media coverage: read here).

The impact of part-time work on firm productivity: evidence from Italy”, with Elena Grinza and Davide Vannoni, Industrial and Corporate Change, vol. 7(2), 2018.

Temporary employment, demand volatility and unions: firm-level evidence", with Paolo Naticchioni and Andrea Ricci, Industrial and Labor Relation Review, 71(1), 2018.

(media coverage: read here).

Technical efficiency, unions and decentralized labor contracts. New empirical evidence”, with Alessandro Manello and Davide Vannoni, European Journal of Operational Research, no. 260(3), 2017.

(media coverage: read here and here)

Rent sharing, hold-up and wages: evidence from matched employer-employee data”, with David Card and Agata Maida, Review of Economic Studies, 2014.

Are temporary jobs a port of entry into permanent employment? Evidence from matched employer-employee data”, with Fabio Berton and L. Pacelli, International Journal of Manpower, Issue 8, 2011.

Estimating poverty persistence in Britain”, Empirical Economics, vol. 40(3), 2011.

Shapley-value decompositions of changes in wage distributions: a note”, Journal of Economic Inequality, vol. 8, 2010.

The resurrection of the Italian wage curve”, with A. Maida and Lia Pacelli, Economics Letters, no. 8, 2010.

Are informality and poverty dynamically interrelated? Evidence from Argentina”, with F. Groisman and A. Poggi, in Research on Economic Inequality, no. 18, 2010.

Downward wage rigidity in Italy: micro-based measures and implications”, with Agata Maida and Paolo Sestito, The Economic Journal, no. 117, 2007.

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