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I'm an Associate Professor at FGV/EPGE


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Working Papers: 
  1. Bargaining over a Divisible Good in the Market for Lemons,” with Dino Gerardi. R&R at the Review of Economic Studies.

  2. Competitive Screening under Heterogeneous Information”, with Daniel Garrett and Renato Gomes. R&R at the Review of Economic Studies.

  3. Dynamic Contracting with Limited Commitment and the Ratchet Effect”,  with Dino Gerardi.  R&R at Theoretical Economics.

  4. Efficiency in Decentralized Markets with Aggregate Uncertainty”,with Braz Camargo and Dino Gerardi.

  5. Optimal Mirrleesian Taxation in Non-competitive Labor Markets”, with Carlos da Costa. R&R at Economic Theory.

  6. Reputation and Screening in a Noisy Environment with Irreversible Actions”, with Mehmet Ekmekci.