Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Research Group

The Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore is located in the Department of Materials Engineering and is led by Dr. Kaushik Chatterjee.

Our research interests lie at the interface of engineering and biology. In our laboratory, a multi-disciplinary research team of students and scholars from a wide spectrum of academic backgrounds work to apply advanced materials technologies to address complex biomedical challenges.

Artistic Rendition of Our Research

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Paintings by Tejeswini Padma

Coverage of our group's research in news media

  • Tumor-like tissues in 3D scaffolds from patient cells for drug screening (Deccan Herald)

  • Research on orthopedic biomaterials in IISc (Kernel)

  • Surface nanostructuring of titanium to improve the performance in orthopedic applications (OPN newsletter)