By-laws can be found in the File Cabinet page.
The Idlewild Improvement Association (IIA) is the chartered homeowners organization of our subdivision. This association was established in 1927 and has served as caretaker of our community to this day. The primary function of IIA is to maintain and improve the common areas (streets, park, beach area) of our subdivision. The IIA is also responsible for collecting the annual dues. This revenue pays for the maintenance and future improvements in our subdivision. Additionally, because we are a private subdivision, we are responsible for the snow removal and maintenance of our roads.
A notice of all events will be posted in the Inside Idlewild newsletter. Newsletters can be downloaded from the File Cabinet section on the website. It is also delivered to your home. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep our residents informed of the events concerning our subdivision. We hope you get in the habit of reading this newsletter and keeping up-to-date with what's happening in YOUR subdivision.
The Park and Beach are not public areas. The park and beach areas are for Idlewild subdivision residents and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by resident(s) in either park or beach. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times.
  1. The Park and Beach hours are dawn to dusk
  2. No motorized vehicles
  3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed
  4. No fires
  5. No glass containers of any kind
  6. No fishing or boating within the buoyed confines of the swim area
  7. No pets
  8. No hard league baseballs allowed in park
  9. Parents will be held responsible for all damages caused by their children and/or their guests
  10. There is no lifeguard on duty at our beach, swim at your own risk
All Idlewild residents have lake rights to Gages Lake. We urge you to take advantage of this beautiful natural resource in our own backyard. Canoes and small boats may be carried down the fire lane located on Lake Shore Drive, just west of Idlewild Drive. Idlewild does not have a boat launch for trailered boats; however, a boat launch key may be purchased from the Dady and Decker subdivision. Gages Lake is approximately 139 acres with a maximum depth of 50 feet in the west portion and about 20 feet in the east section. Gages Lake is a glacial lake fed by many fresh water springs. There is also an outlet at the northwest end of the lake. The fishing is great on Gages Lake all year. Large mouth bass are plentiful as well as Northern Pike., Walleye, Crappie, Bluegills and the occasional Muskie. All State rules, regulations and proper licenses apply.
The subdivision park is located on Lake Shore Drive and Forest Drive. You and your children are invited to come and have some fun on the swings and other playground equipment. The pavilion can be reserved for a private party by contacting the IIA Board.
Miscellaneous Information:
  • Trash and recyclable pick-up is every Friday. One large item is allowed along with your trashcan.
  • The Idlewild subdivision is precinct 263. Our polling place is Gages Lake Bible Church located on Gages Lake Road.
  • Parking is prohibited on subdivision streets. Vehicles will be towed on our streets at owner's expense.