Welcome to the fourth workshop on the Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems (ICOOOLPS) being held on July the 6th at ECOOP 2009 in Genova, Italy.

Brief Overview

The ICOOOLPS workshop aims to address this crucial issue of optimization of languages, programs and systems.  It intends to do so by bringing together researchers and practitioners working in the field of implementation and optimization, especially for object-oriented languages.  Its main goals are identifying fundamental bases and key current issues pertaining to the efficient implementation, compilation and optimization of OO languages, and outlining future challenges and research directions. For more information please read the call for papersimportant dates and submission guidelines.


Work submitted to ICOOOLPS 2009 appears in the ACM digital library. The program is available here.

Program Committee

To cover the broad areas of interest to the ICOOOLPS workshop the program committee comprises 15 independent specialists in the design, implementation and optimization of programming languages of systems. The committee members come from 10 countries.


This is 4th ICOOOLPS workshop building on the success of workshops in 20062007 and 2008.