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Warrior Princess

Kiana, the Warrior Princess, is a delightful and compassionate young lady who takes her responsibility of keeping her small village of Feliz safe and free from any Negative Nellies very seriously. Her gift of having an open heart allows her to communicate with and recruit the help of the animals that live nearby. Oscar, the Ostrich, among other dedicated animal friends, helps Kiana through a difficult time by coaching her to see her problem from a different perspective. The teamwork, friendship and positive influence of her teammates and friends allow her to regain joy, renewed purpose, motivation in all that she does and makes everything possible.

As an athlete, educator and coach, Kris Ayers understands and empathizes with the internal and external challenges that often accompany young people. Warrior Princess was inspired by the 2013 Colorado high school girls cross country team she helped coach. This story is about them, and their journey. Whether we participate in individual sports or not, there is ALWAYS a team implication of each individual’s performance. What you say, think and/or do MATTERS. This is true in athletics, and this is true in life.

Warrior Princess offers empowering messages and thought provoking discussion questions that are universal to people of ALL ages and cultures. A real advantage of the story is it is as simple or complex as you make it. The discovery questions lead the reader toward learning how to take responsibility for one’s decisions and life, at any age.