About the Creators

Author Kris Ayers

National runner-up and Colorado State Secondary Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 2011, author Kris Ayers has spent the past 30 years inspiring, motivating and educating students in Colorado. As an athlete, educator and coach, she understands and empathizes with the internal and external challenges faced by many when pushing through life’s challenges. This knowledge of the personal, physical and emotional components of success, has inspired her to create Warrior Princess and share it with you.

Illustrator Tina Unrein

Tina Unrein - In over 20 years as a Colorado educator at the elementary and secondary level, Kristina (Tina) Unrein specialized at serving at-risk adolescents. Her passions for art, art history and literature motivated her to create unique and effective strategies for keeping students engaged in their educations. As an artist, Tina is inspired by every detail in nature, understands the importance of nurturing an appreciation for the outdoors in young people and she was honored to illustrate the characters of strength and resilience in Kris’ warrior story.