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Full List of Publications

After 2002


H.-S. Sim, H.-W. Lee, and K. J. Chang
Even-odd behavior and quantization of conductance in monovalent atomic contacts
Physica E 14 (4), 347-354 (2002) July


H.-K. Lee, H.-W. Lee, and D. Kim
Macroscopic traffic models from microscopic car-following models
Physical Review E 64 (5), 056126 (2001) November 
Cited 50+ times

Chang Sub Kim, Arkady M. Satanin, Valerie B. Shtenberg, and Hyun-Woo Lee
Manipulating resonances and electron confinement in quantum barriers
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 39 (3), 522-528 (2001) September

H.-S. Sim, H.-W. Lee, and K. J. Chang
Even-odd behavior of conductance in monatomic sodium wires
Physical Review Letters 87 (9), 096803 (2001) August 27th [cond-mat/0108227]
Cited 50+ times

N. Kim, J. Kim, J. W. Park, K.-H. Yoo, J.-O. Lee, K. Kang, J.-J. Kim, and H.-W. Lee
Nonlocal transport in a multi-wall carbon nanotube
Journal of the Physical Society of  Japan 70 (3), 789-792 (2001) March

H.-W. Lee and C. S. Kim
Effects of symmetries on single channel systems: Perfect transmission and reflection
Physical Review B 63 (7), 075306 (2001) February 15th


H. Y. Lee, H.-W. Lee, and D. Kim
Phase diagram of congested traffic flow: An empirical study
Physical Review E 62 (4) 4737-4741 (2000) October
Cited 50+ times

H.-W. Lee and C. S. Kim
Perfect transmission from mirror reflection symmetry in phase coherent single channel systems and its application to monovalent atomic wires
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 37 (2), 137-144 (2000) August

H. Y. Lee, H.-W. Lee, and D. Kim
Traffic states of a model highway with on-ramp
Physica A 281 (1-4), 78-86 (2000) June 15th


M. E. Fouladvand and H.-W. Lee
Exactly solvable two-way traffic model with ordered sequential update
Physical Review E 60 (6), 6465-6479 (1999) December

H.-W. Lee
Generic transmission zeros in time-reversal symmetric single channel transport through quasi-1d systems
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 34, S180-S184 (1999) May

H. Y. Lee, H.-W. Lee, and D. Kim
Dynamic states of a continuum traffic equations with on-ramp
Physical Review E 59 (5), 5101-5111 (1999) May
Cited 100+ times

H.-W. Lee
Generic transmission zeros and in-phase resonances in time reversal symmetric single channel transport
Physical Review Letters 82 (11), 2358-2361 (1999) March 15th [cond-mat/9902160]
Cited 100+ times

G. S. Jeon, S. Wu, H.-W. Lee, and M. Y. Choi
Localization in one- and two-dimensional quantum Coulomb glasses
Physical Review B 59 (4), 3033-3039 (1999) January 15th

G. S. Jeon, S. Wu, M. Y. Choi, and Hyun-Woo Lee
Fluctuations of the inverse compressibility in disordered electronic systems
Physical Review B 59 (4), 2841-2847 (1999) January 15th


H.-Y. Lee, H.-W. Lee, and D. Kim
Origin of synchronized traffic flow on highways and its dynamic phase transitions
Physical Review Letters 81 (5), 1130-1133 (1998) August
Cited 100+ times
Highlighted in Science (Perspectives) [Science 282, 2001 (1998)]


H.-W. Lee, V. Popkov, and D. Kim
Two-way traffic flow: Exactly solvable model of traffic jam
Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and General 30 (24), 8497-8513 (1997) December 21
Cited 50+ times

D. A. Ivanov, H. Lee, and L. S. Levitov
Coherent states of alternating current
Physical Review B 56 (11), 6839-6850 (1997) September 15th [cond-mat/9501040]
Cited 50+ times

H.-W. Lee and D. Kim
Universal macroscopic background formation in surface super-roughening
Physical Review E 56 (3), R2347-R2350 (1997) September


L. S. Levitov, H. Lee, and G. B. Lesovik
Electron counting statistics and coherent states of electric current
Journal of Mathematical Physics 37 (10), 4845-4866 (1996) October [cond-mat/9607137]
Cited 500+ times

Hyunwoo Lee and L. S. Levitov
Current fluctuations in a single tunnel junction
Physical Review B 53 (11), 7383-7391 (1996) March 15th [cond-mat/9507105]


Hyunwoo Lee, L. S. Levitov, and A. Yu. Yakovets
Universal statistics of transport in disordered conductors
Physical Review B 51 (7), 4079-4083 (1995) February 15th [cond-mat/9403009]
Cited 50+ times