Prof. Huffman joined the University of Denver (DU) in Dec. 2011 and is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry within the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM).

The research of the Huffman lab focuses on analytical and atmospheric chemistry, emphasizing the development and application of new scientific approaches to addressing environmental problems.  Most of this work involves atmospheric aerosols (small particles suspended in the air) from both field and lab perspectives.  Atmospheric aerosols can either be natural or anthropogenic (human-caused) in source and can: severely reduce sky visibility, influence the Earth's radiative balance (climate forcing) directly or through affecting cloud formation,  damage ecosystems via deposition of toxic chemical species, and affect human health through respiratory, cardiovascular, and allergenic diseases.  Our work involves: (1) development and improvement of advanced analytical techniques providing better tools for the study of atmospheric aerosols, (2) characterization of particles generated in the laboratory in order to better understand physical and chemical properties that influence atmospheric effects and human health, and (3) collection and analysis of field samples from all over the globe to directly measure particles from the natural environment. 

**Now selectively recruiting graduate and undergraduate students.** 
-Graduate and undergraduate students
will be selectively considered from all applicable disciplines and academic backgrounds for research projects appropriate to experience level.  Undergraduate students may work for course research credit, for work-study money, or as lab volunteers.  Undergraduate students are generally selected with evidence of strong academic record (i.e. GPA) and high maturity.  If interested in learning more, please email Dr. Huffman with interest.
-Postdoctoral scholars who are at least partially funded are also being recruited.  
-If interested in joining the group please send Prof. Huffman a copy of your CV along with questions or interest.  Click here for formal student application for study at DU.

News Section:
11/10/2015 - Ice nucleating particles at a coastal marine boundary layer site: correlations with aerosol type and meteorological conditions by Mason et al. published in ACP, with former DU graduate student Yuri (J.) Li and Alex Huffman as authors
10/16/2015 - DU undergraduate student Kyle Pierce wins a student poster award at annual AAAR conference
10/16/2015 - Huffman group well represented at annual AAAR conference; 13 co-authored presentations, including 7 presented by group members 
09/09/2015 - A marine biogenic source of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles by Wilson et al. (including Huffman) published in Nature
06/25/2015 - Huffman Group awarded STIR grant from Army Research Labs
04/28/2015 - DU undergraduate student Kyle Pierce awarded Summer Research Grant by the DU Undergraduate Research Center to conduct research in the Huffman Lab
04/14/2015 - DU Ph.D. student Nicole Savage awarded partial scholarship by the Rocky Mountain Section of the Air and Waste Management Association
03/14/2015 - Chamber bioaerosol study: human emissions of size-resolved fluorescent biological aerosol particles by Bhangar et al. (including Huffman) published in Indoor Air
01/07/2015 - Dr. David O'Connor joins the Huffman lab as an ELEVATE postdoc jointly funded by Marie Cure Actions (EU) and the Irish Research Council

11/24/2014 - CCN activity of size-selected aerosol at a Pacific coastal location by Yakobi-Hancock et al. (including Huffman) published in ACP
10/17/2014 - DU undergraduate student Emma Biesiada awarded prestigious 2-year Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) fellowship by EPA
08/14/2014 - Prof. Huffman gives invited talk at American Chemical Society national meeting in San Francisco (abstract).
07/02/2014 - Huffman Group enters social media via Twitter (@HuffmanLabDU) and Facebook.  Now you can follow updates even more directly!
07/01/2014 - Prof. Huffman stands election for AAAR national Board of Directors.
06/30/2014 - Huffman Group participating in the multinational BIODETECT campaign at CEA outside of Paris, France through early August.
06/26/2014 - Overview of the Manitou Experimental Forest Observatory: site description and selected science results from 2008 to 2013 by Ortega et al. (including Huffman) published in ACP
04/30/2014 - DU undergraduate students Wal Lassar, Jack Maurer, and Kyle Pierce awarded Summer Research Grants by the DU Undergraduate Research Center to conduct research in the Huffman Lab
04/25/2014 - Size-resolved fluorescent biological aerosol particle concentrations and occupant emissions in a university classroom by Bhangar et al. (including Huffman) published in Indoor Air as a result of collaboration with W. Nazaroff group at Univ. California Berkeley
03/31/2014 - Huffman Group awarded grant from the University of Denver's Knoebel Center for the Study of Aging for research into the role environmental pollutants play in Dry Eye Syndrome

12/15/2013 - Prof. Huffman added to editorial board of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics journal (2012 impact factor 5.51)
12/11/2013 - Seasonal cycles of fluorescent biological aerosol particles in boreal and semi-arid forests of Finland and Colorado by DU Masters student Carolyn Schumacher et al. published in ACP
12/09/2013 - Autofluorescence of atmospheric bioaerosols: spectral fingerprints and taxonomic trends of pollen by Pöhlker et al. (including Huffman) published in AMT
12/09/2013 - Prof. Huffman gives invited presentation (A11B-0028) at American Geophysical Union fall meeting in San Francisco, CA
11/26/2013 - Bioprecipitation: a feedback cycle linking Earth history, ecosystem dynamics and land use through biological ice nucleators in the atmosphere by Morris et al. (including Huffman) published online in Global Change Biology
10/08/2013 - Prof. Huffman co-convened special symposium (Bioaerosols: Characterization and Environmental Impact) at 32nd annual conference of American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) in Portland, OR
  5/19/2013 - DU undergraduate students Marie Gosselin and Rachael Scoggins awarded summer PinS grants by the DU Undergraduate Research Center to conduct research in the Huffman Lab
  4/19/2013 - Prof. Huffman added as Adjunct Scientist at Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany
  4/17/2013 - Huffman Group awarded PROF grant by the University of Denver for innovative instrument development
  3/13/2013 - Prof. Huffman invited to co-chair "Atmospheric aerosol in air quality and climate: the science and solutions" theme at Goldschmidt 2014 conference
  3/05/2013 - Huffman Group awarded sub-contract grant for "Role of HVAC Systems in the Transmission of Infectious Agents in Buildings and Intermodal Transportation" (ASHREAE 1603-TRP) by ASHRAE
  2/13/2013 - Cluster analysis of WIBS single-particle bioaerosol data by Robinson et al. (including Huffman) published in AMT
  1/16/2013 - The impact of rain on ice nuclei populations at a forested site in Colorado by Prenni et al. (including Huffman) published in GRL

   8/04/2012 - Prof. Huffman co-organized the "Bioaerosol Effects on Clouds 2012" workshop in Steamboat Springs, CO
   6/22/2012 - Prof. Huffman was featured in a faculty profile video in the university-produced "DUing research" series.  Watch the ~6 min video on the research tab for a general-audience introduction to our research.