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Editorial work
I serve as associate editor at the Journal of Monetary Economics [JME] and Macroeconomic Dynamics [MD] and co-editor of the International Journal of Central Banking [IJCB]
Some short articles

The Role of Central Bank Lending in the Conduct of Monetary Policy, with John A. Weinberg, Richmond Fed Economic Brief 16-12  [LINK]

Do Net Interest Margins and Interest Rates Move Together?, with Helen Fessenden and  John R. Walter, Richmond Fed Economic Brief 16-05  [LINK]

Discount Window Lending: Policy Trade-offs and the 1985 BoNY Computer Failure, with David A. Price, Richmond Fed Economic Brief 15-05  [LINK]

Reforming Money Market Mutual Funds: A Difficult Assignment, with Renee Haltom, Richmond Fed Economic Brief 14-02 [LINK]

Basel III and the Continuing Evolution of Bank Capital Regulation, with David A. Price, Richmond Fed Economic Brief 11-06 [LINK]

Is There Stigma Associated with Discount Window Borrowing?, with Renee Courtois, Richmond Fed Economic Brief 10-05 [LINK]

Excess Reserves and the New Challenges for Monetary Policy, with Alex Wolman, Richmond Fed Economic Brief 10-03 [LINK]

Chapters in books

Complementariedades y Política Macroeconómica, in AAEP Progresos en Macroeconomía (2007) [PDF]

Privatization and Income Distribution in Argentina, with Santiago Pinto, in Reality Check: The Distributional Impact of Privatization in Developing Countries (2005) [PDF]

 Discussions and presentations

Discussion of Afonso and Lagos: “Trade Dynamics in the Market for Federal Funds” [PDF]

Discussion of De Graeve and Karas: Identifying VARs through Heterogeneity: An Application to Bank Runs [PDF]

Discussion of Trejos and Wright: Money and Finance: An Integrated Approach (2012) [PDF]

Discussion of Meisenzahl: Verifying the State of Financing Constraints: Evidence from U.S. Business Credit Contracts (2012) [LINK]

Discussion of Klee: The first line of defence: The DW during the early stages of the financial crisis (2011) [LINK]

Discussion of Acharya and Skeie: A model of liquidity hoarding and term premia in inter-bank markets (2011)  [PDF] NEW

Discussion of "A macroeconomic model with a financial sector" by Brunnermeier and Sannikov (2010) [LINK]

Presentation on systemic risk (2007) [PDF]

Discussion of private information and the Friedman Rule (for a paper by Chris Waller) (2006) [PDF]

Lecture notes (in Spanish) on overlaping generations models with money (2003) [PDF] 

Newspaper articles

On fiscal stimulus (in Spanish), El Economista, 10 July 2009  [Original PDF]   [Newspaper scan]  

On oil prices (in Spanish), El Economista, 7 August 2009  [Original PDF]   [Newspaper scan]

On expectations, deficits, and inflation (in Spanish), El Economista, 4 September 2009 [Original PDF] [Newspaper scan]

Anomalies in financial markets (in Spanish) [Original PDF]



See my interventions in the blog FOCO ECONOMICO [LINK] NEW

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Graciela Petriz (my mom) [GO]

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