Huberto M. Ennis - Academic Information

Ph.D Economics, Cornell University, 2000

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

Recent papers
Interventions in markets with adverse selection: Implications for discount window stigma, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (forthcoming) NEW  

Recent publications
A simple general equilibrium model of large excess reserves, Journal of Monetary Economics 98, October 2018 [LINK]

The Fed's Discount Window: An Overview of Recent Data, with Felix P. Ackon, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 103 (1-4), 2017 [LINK]

Optimal banking contracts and financial fragility, with Todd Keister, Economic Theory 61 (2), February 2016 [LINK]

Models of Discount Window Lending: A Review, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 102 (1), 2016 [LINK

Comment on "Scarcity of safe assets, inflation, and the policy trap" by Andolfatto and Williamson, Journal of Monetary Economics, Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Series, July 2015 [LINK]

Large U.S. Bank Holding Companies During the 2007–09 Financial Crisis: An Overview of the Data, with Peter S. Debbaut, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 100 (2), 2015 [LINK]

Large excess reserves in the U.S.: A view from the cross-section of banks, with Alex Wolman, International Journal of Central Banking 11 (1), 2015 [LINK]

Over-the-counter loans, adverse selection, and stigma in the interbank market, with John Weinberg, Review of Economic Dynamics 16 (4), 2013 [LINK]

Some theoretical considerations regarding net asset values for money market funds, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 98 (4), 2012 [LINK]

Strategic behavior in the tri-party repo market, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 97 (4), 2011 [LINK]

Discussion of Acharya and Skeie: A model of liquidity hoarding and term premia in inter-bank markets, Journal of Monetary Economics, Carnegie-Rochester Series, June 2011 [LINK]

Banking panics and policy responses, with Todd Keister, Journal of Monetary Economics, May 2010 [LINK]

On the fundamental reasons for bank fragility, with Todd Keister, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 96 (1), First Quarter 2010 [LINK]

Run equilibria in the Green-Lin model of financial intermediation, with Todd Keister, Journal of Economic Theory, September 2009 [LINK]

Bank runs and institutions: The perils of intervention, with Todd Keister, American Economic Review, September 2009 [LINK]

Avoiding the inflation tax, International Economic Review 5 (2), May 2009 [LINK]

Understanding monetary policy implementation, with Todd Keister, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 94 (3), Summer 2008 [LINK]

Search, money, and inflation under private information, Journal of Economic Theory 138 (1), 2008 [LINK]

Interest on reserves and daylight credit, with John A. Weinberg, FRB Richmond Economic Quarterly 93 (2), Spring 2007 [LINK]

Bank runs and investment decisions revisited, with Todd Keister, Journal of Monetary Economics 53 (2), 2006

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