Bones are essentials to the human body and make up the structure of individuals. Bones have a funny way of sculpting man, they play an essential role in one's weight, facial and body structure, height, and even one's weight. By knowing all the information that bones hold, it is no question why scientist decide to use bones to characterize the unknown. Bones reveal so much that scientist have used them to get a better understanding of ancient species like dinosaurs. In this project, we will be find the specific relationship between bones and one's height. In order to do so, we will need 10 volunteers to allow us to measure their tibia, humerus, and bones as well as their overall height. From then we will seek the relationship between their overall height and specific bone lengths. When finding the relationship, one is also finding a linear equation. After finding the linear equation we will test it out to see if the equation is quorate.

Driving Question
  • How is the relationship between the length of bones and a person’s height?

  • There is a relationship between the length of bones and a person's height which is a linear equation.

Sarahi Zavala,
May 10, 2016, 11:22 AM