林曉青 Hsiao-Ching Lin's Lab

    Natural products (NPs) have been an important source of molecules in drug discovery and development. Their diversity scaffolds and semisynthetic derivatives provide new chemical entities (NCEs) and exhibit variety of biological activities with pharmacological potentials. Recent advances in molecular biology, bioinformatics and whole-genome sequencing provided great advances in understanding the genetic and enzymatic basis of natural product biosynthesis.
    Our research consists of the following topics. Each of these topics can be standalone but is at the same time interconnected with each other.
(A) Discovery of bioactive natural products based on activity-guided screening.
(B) Targeted gene cluster discovery and biosynthetic study of bioactive NPs.
(C) Discovery of new NPs by genome mining in microorganisms.
(D) Combinatorial biosynthesis in heterologous expression systems.