About the project

Two novel viruses, vitivirus tentatively named grapevine virus G (GVG) and badnavirus tentatively named grapevine badnavirus 1 (GBV-1), were recently reported from Croatian autochthonous grapevine cultivars. Considering fact that some members of corresponding genera (i.e. vitivirus and badnavirus) are economically important viruses, and challenging the dogma that all viruses are considered pathogens till proved otherwise, aim of the project is detailed investigation of two novel viruses reported from Croatia. Special accent will be given on development of precise and robust diagnostic assays, investigation on their distribution in virus collection field and commercial vineyards in Croatia, alternative hosts, modes of spread and ability to cause a disease. Hopefully, project will resulted in precise and robust detection assays for two novel viruses based on conventional and real-time PCR, valuable data about their occurrence and distribution in Croatia, modes of spread and impact on different grapevine varieties grown under different conditions. Collected data will be useful for the clean stock programs, management and eventual elimination from vineyards. Gained knowledge will be disseminated to key stakeholders: scientific community, producers (nurseries, wine), Advisory Service employees, and agricultural policy makers in Croatia and abroad (EPPO) giving beneficial data about economic importance and need for regulation.