The Hrishipara Daily Diaries project tracks the daily money transactions of 60 low-income households in central Bangladesh on a daily basis over many years
It started in May 2015 and is ongoing. Its objective is to understand in detail the economic and financial lives of low-income households. Its goal is to reveal insights that will enable policy makers and service providers (including financial service providers) to help low-income households improve their lives. 

Recent news: six blogs about the diaries have now been published: five at the Global Development Institute at Manchester University in the UK; and CGAP at the World Bank. (See also the publications page). We have also prepared a slideshow on what the diaries tell us about Digital Financial Services (DFS) use in Bangladesh

The latest blogs are about  Big Expenditures. What do poor people spend their biggest expenditures on, how do they finance these expenditures, and what difference do variations in income level make? 
We began to spend funds kindly provided by the UNCDF's SHIFT programme in July 2017