This site is a work in progress. Its aim is to gradually develop a resource for those looking to use simulation games in their teaching, with a combination of theoretical and practical information.

In the first instance, the material will come from myself, Prof Simon Usherwood (Open University), with the support of the Higher Education Academy, who have asked me to prepare some guides on using simulations for them (see the New to Teaching Toolkit and the Guide to Best Practice for information).

However, I welcome any and all contributions (my email is simon.usherwood@open.ac.uk), since I have enough sense to recognise that a) I don't know everything about the subject and b) much of the material is open to wide interpretation. So please do feel free to add comments.

The general structure is as laid out here:

My plan is to add material as I am able to make time for this, so apologies now for the incomplete nature of the work. You can also follow progress here on my postings for the Active Learning in Political Science blog or on my Twitter feed. You can find out more about me on my own website: www.simonusherwood.com.