Chassis 2 -- Gas Tank, Axles, etc.

Gas Tanks
One day, Dan Shady asks me if I have "the gas tank" for this car.  I tell him, "I think I may have a couple, or maybe even three.  I stored them upstairs in the garden shed years ago.  I'll check."

Well, today (6-23-2012) I checked.  Here's what I found:

So now, I guess I'll take them down to Shady's this week.  We can determine which one is in the best shape.  I'll take the sending units out of the ones I don't use, clean up the tanks, and sell all of them on eBay over the next few weeks.  I promise you'll never see 5 Model PB Plymouth gas tanks in one location ever again!  And I have no clue where I got all 5 of these fairly rare items.

Rear Axle
9-6-2013  Today, while at the shop, I learned that I'm now the proud owner of an 8-inch Ford rear axle donated by a derelict Mustang (Yes, there'll be a few Ford components in this almost all-MOPAR build.).  There is a salvage yard near the shop and people are forever stopping to ask the Shady boys
directions to the salvage yard.  One fellow recently asked directions, explaining that he was clearing out a piece of property with dozens of old cars.  The ever-vigilant Deron asked if there were any mid-'60's Mustangs with five-bolt brake drums (The 6-cylinder cars had only four bolts.).  Today, when Deron came back from lunch, this had been deposited by the fence.  We think of ourselves as recyclers.  Before it is installed, it will be cleaned, inspected, and have all ne bearings and seals.  Depending on what gear ratio it has (yet to be determined) it may get new gears as well.  The overdrive on the T-5 transmission may allow us to use a somewhat higher gear ratio in the rear end than the most common 3.00:1 that came on Mustangs and Falcons.  Yes, this axle dates to the time of Ford Falcons!