Horizon Development Markets is the market research, market intelligence and go-to.market advisory unit of Horizon Development. It is the unit that is managing the Market Sniper program.

Horizon Development Markets is today the main operating unit of Horizon Development. It is the unit that has specialized over the years in scouting and quantifying new emerging markets. Aside from investigating market opportunities, assessing competitive positions, testing new products in new markets or assisting companies to jump-start their sales operations in the most cost-effective possible way, Horizon Development Markets is mostly known for offering innovation-centric entrepreneurs with the chance to start their sales operations before having the resource dedicated to the creation of a sales force or a sales department. That's the main idea behind Market Sniper.

Horizon Development Markets is commonly using various market investigation, some commonly used in traditional market investigations, some others more specifically coming from fields such as corporate finance, mathematical modeling and military tactical intelligence:

  • Market intelligence & research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Special investigations (markets, investments, management)
  • Business intelligence
  • New market search & identifications
  • New markets analysis
  • Product introduction and product launch on new markets
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Go-to-market roadmaps
  • Cost-effective marketing setup for young innovative companies
  • Customer profiling
  • Customer mapping
  • Pricing algorithms
  • Due diligence (markets)
  • Cost-benefit analysis in the context of market introductions
  • Large surveys conduct and analysis
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Thought leaders mobilization
  • CRM efficiency evaluations
  • Social media
  • Market leadership development

Horizon Development Markets' main services are offered independently, but are also conveniently packaged under two main products that correspond more precisely to the core of the demand on the market today:

It's all about not sending an army right away to conquer a new market... 
It's about taking a step back... Moving to an agile mode... 
Carefully mapping the target and sending instead a sniper in stealth mode that will travel, locate, lock-on the targets and capture it for you "

  • Market Sniper is the "hands-on" accelerated customer acquisition program that has been making a name for itself in making a difference for young bootstrapped startup companies. 
  • But it's not just limited to startups. It allows bigger and more experienced companies to also reduce risks in their new markets acquisition, especially foreign ones where they perceived the risk level as being much higher.
  • It allows your company to get access to some of the most experienced "snipers" in various industries
  • It may looks like, but it's not a free program. 
  • It's just that Market Sniper's financial cost is tied to its client's success on those new markets. The cost is also differed to later terms, once revenues are generated.
  • It's yet the program on the market that allows for the lowest possible financial risk (maybe that explains its popularity... :-) but yet truly delivers
  • Horizon Development is thus here taking the same risks as an angel investor and therefore requires some of the same due diligence during the application process.

Key aspects / benefits about the program:
  • Market Sniper allows a young company to scout and acquire their first strategic customers at a limited risk rate
  • Market Sniper allows a company to scout and acquire new foreign markets beyond its home turf at a limited risk rate
  • Market Sniper allows a company to lower risks on new market acquisition and to defer costs associated with it.
  • Market Sniper also allows a company to defer the hiring and training of a sales team of its own until a critical minimum market acquisition target level has been reached
  • Market Sniper is conducted by experts with  an extended network and a successful track record in various industries
  • Horizon Development takes on all the research, preparation and early action on new markets until target acquisition and target securing.
  • Horizon Development shares the risk of new market acquisition. 
  • Horizon Market is involved at all levels of the Sales and Marketing process until significant successful sales revenues allow the client company to self-finance a full Sales and Marketing department on its own. 
  • Market Sniper is also often used as a critical gateway for young companies that are seeking early financing from angels, VCs or banks who are expecting to see early sales and market response results before they commit investments.

Whom does it applies to?

  • Any company in a field or industry covered by Horizon Development
  • A company that wants to get sales started on new markets for which it initially has a difficult reach
  • A young startup company that cannot afford yet its own sales force and need to get sales moving to secure its future

Timing & articulation:

  • 4 months minimum program
Application Process (2 weeks max)
  • Step1: Application received from the company
  • Step2: Application reviewed
  • Step 3: Initial market research conducted by Horizon Development
  • Step 4: Due diligence process (light but necessary) with the client company (unless there is a consulting fee contract)
  • Step 5: Proposal submitted & discussed
Work starts
  • Phase I: Market research
  • Phase II: Go-to-market strategy
  • Phase III: Customer acquisition process established and tested
  • Phase IV: Market acquisition operations
  • Phase V: Market acquisition objectives reached
  • Phase VI (Optional): Recruiting, training and mentoring of the Sales Team that takes over

Information, references & request for a free consultation: marketsniper [at] horizondev.net

Market Reach 

This is a market investigation package that helps large and smaller organizations to get a full assessment of where they stand today on specific markets and what opportunities are offered to them for future growth. It includes thorough market research, interviews and visits and sometimes the use of specific and less conventional tools.
  • All industries
  • B2B / B2C
  • Intensive 30-60 days program
  • Thorough market investigation
  • Investigate the market, its various opportunity niches, growth potential and its potential pitfalls
  • Target prioritization via algorithms ("what ifs" approach)
  • Expert third-party evaluation about market expectations and go-to-market plan
  • Identify added efficiency and cost-saving measures
  • Test selected sample markets using appropriate methods (open vs. stealth)
  • Learning from the market tests: Go-to-market strategy and sales tactics adjustments before launch
  • Synchronize market specific expectations with marketing campaigns
  • Finalization of the go-to-market roadmap
  • Long-term market growth perspective review
  • Prepare, activate and monitor the full market launch
  • Training & coaching of the Sales & Marketing Force
More info & request for a free consultation: marketreach [at] horizondev.net

Other products offered by Horizon Development Markets

Since 2006, Horizon Development Markets has played an important role in helping various companies to identify, select and contract their distributors / partners in selected countries (Baltic Sea Region, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Italy China, USA, Argentina, Bahrain, Russia, etc.). Also, the strong market intelligence expertise of Horizon Development Markets combined with tourism-specific expertise from Horizon Development Baltics and from the Baltic Ambassador Programme has led to the creation of specific and highly competitive tools for the tourism and hospitality industry such as MarketTour™

TechPass is a program specifically designed for the IT industry. It provides sample user market test of newly developed technologies that need a go-ahead before they leave the prototyping mode. The objective with TechPass is to bridge product development with market realities before product launch; allowing for cost-saving measures, product modifications and sales channels adjustments before the company commits with full sales and marketing resources. This step is often seen very favorably for tech companies seeking initial investments as a safeguard for initial investors: Getting first sales, first implementations and happy customer references for further business development and further financing.