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About Horizon Development: The Lean Strategic Customer Acquisition (LSCA) company

Horizon Development Markets (formerly Horizon Development, founded in 2002) is a specialized LSCA, business development and market intelligence firm committed to its clients growth via the fast acquisitions of strategic customers.

The LSCA expert

LSCA (Lean Strategic Customer Acquisition) is a new market & customer acquisition process. LSCA allows large Fortune 1000 or  innovative startup companies to jumpstart new markets or even more significantly make a fast transition from a local market to a more regional or a global one. Although LSCA was developed mostly for the B2B market, it has proven to be very effective on B2C markets as well. From luxury brands to innovative software and local farm products, LSCA has managed to help companies to quickly and sustainably scale their resources, secure markets or go global  in a leaner and most cost-effective way. Horizon's award-winning Market Sniper (www.marketsniper.eu) is today the most straightforward LSCA tool available on the market. In addition to its effective LSCA approach, it’s using ambassadorship as a fast dissemination instrument. 

Some of our clients: ICT (CapGemini, Accenture, Oracle), Health Care & OTC (Johnson&Johnson, Zenyum, Lierac, Phytossolba), software (Seekify, Clumio), airspace (Flying Whales, Airbus), food (Subway, Natufia Labs, ABBA, Patissier Paul), public funds applications & management (JP Morgan, PwC, BNP-Paribas, PWP, FICO, EFMC), sports (ATG, Paris-Turf), manufacturing (Michelin), pharma (Biogen, Pfizer, Amgen), education (INSEAD, KTH, TallTech), engineering (ABB,Dassault Engineering), energy (Vattenfall, Shell) and the travel industry (Via Hansa, TUI, Swedair, Nordic Hotels, ACCOR).

Local economic development and SMEs support & funding

Aside from its core LSCA and business development activity and via its Horizon Development Baltics and its Horizon Development Invest divisions, Horizon Development has also been a privileged partner to European, national, regional and local administrations involved in local economic development initiatives such as tourism, the preservation of ecosystems, new transportation networks, clean transportation, climate change, energy and the digitization of society with a mandate to deliver actionable business intelligence, to manage projects, mobilize public, EU and private funds and to put in action plans that deliver tangible results. Examples: Via Hanseatica (Transportation & tourism infrastructure development), Global Environment Fund (environmental assessment), South-Estonian Tourism Foundation (Transportation infrastructure cost-benefit analysis), Öland Tourism Agency (Tourism development), Narva Municipality (Infrastructure development & EU funds access), Valgamaa Region Dept of Economic Development (EU funds & tourism development), Jelgava Municipality (tourism), Siaulai Municipality (EU Funds), Région Normandie (tourism), Région Midi-Pyrénnées (digitalizing admin processes), Région Alsace (digital society & EU funds mobilization for local startup companies), Vermont Dept of Forest, Parks and Recreation)(ecosystem conservation strategy) 


Fast track programs @ horizon development  (open the flap and get started)

"Hands-on" accelerated customer acquisition program 

You are thinking of hiring a sales team before you launch your product?  Well, maybe there is something better to do... Such as saving time, risk and money...

Hire a professional market sniper that will not only get you started but whose experience will allow you to perhaps correct a few things on the way to market. Only then, once you have your first strategic customers in hand and a clear development strategy, that you can start to hire your sales team at a much lower cost and risk than you initially thought.

 "You have a product launch coming ahead. You cannot allow any mistake"

Market Reach is a market capture prioritization tool for the preparatory and the operational phases of a product launch in either a B2B or a B2C environment. It allows your sales and marketing team to get a 360 view of the market potential, identify specific niches and put a launch plan in battle order. It specifically uses algorithmic prioritization technologies and the product launch experience of Horizon Development Markets staff.

"Unlocking your export potential out of your comfort zone"

A favorite of small and medium-sized companies that have a solid base in their home markets or in nearby markets and that would like to explore opportunities to start to sale in other countries without having to commit to hire and train new resources in-house. 

" Because adjustments after the wrong IT deployment are simply very expensive, both in money and in reputation "

Tech Pass is a program specifically designed for the IT industry. It provides sample user market test of newly developed technologies that need a go-ahead before they leave the prototyping mode. The objective with TechPass is to bridge product development with market realities before product launch; allowing for cost-saving measures, product modifications and sales channels adjustments before the company commits with full sales and marketing resources. This step is often seen very favorably for tech companies seeking initial investments as a safeguard for initial investors: Getting first sales, first implementations and happy customer references for further business development and further financing.

At a time of great disruptions in the travel & hospitality market, Horizon Development Markets has developed a range of very rigorous products that were designed specifically to assist decision-making in the travel and hospitality industry, with a strong experience and focus on Nordic countries. MarketTour™ is the cumulating result of the combination of expertise between Horizon Development's Baltic Ambassador programme and Horizon Development Markets, with a focus on dynamic market research and the most recent communication and social media tools.

 " You are selling your own destination: What is your pitch's true credibility? What if a travel expert would sell it for you?"

Yes, we take pride!

Since 2002, Horizon  Development has maintained a strict policy of equality and fairness among its clients: There are no "big" or "small" clients. We fully dedicate ourselves to the task until the mission is successfully reached and on time!  We are thankful to all of them and particularly to the early ones who took the risk to trust us at a time when our references were a bit thin. We are happy to have been offering to some of them solutions and ways forward at a time when they saw none.

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Horizon Development Markets OÜ

Olevimägi 16, Tallinn, 10123, Estonia 

horizondev.net [at] gmail.com