I am an MBBS-PhD (joint medical and PhD degree) graduate from University of Hong Kong. My graduate supervisor was Professor Pak Sham. I previously worked at Queen Mary Hospital and Castle Peak Hospital as a resident psychiatrist.

I joined the School of Biomedical Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as Assistant Professor in Jan 2016.

My main research focus is on the development and application of computational/statistical methodologies in revealing the genetic architecture of complex diseases, and predicting disease risks using genomics and clinical data. I am interested in translational bioinformatics in general, and also in various statistical fields particularly high dimensional data analysis, statistical learning and multiple testing methodologies. 

I welcome any collaborations on genomics/bioinformatics studies and analyses of biomedical data in general (including "omics" and epidemiological data). Please contact me via email if interested. 

***I am now also recruiting research assistants and graduate students. Please contact me via email if you are interested.