Our History

Justice, Unity, Generosity, and Service, International, Inc. (J.U.G.S.) is an international not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization with over 60 years of community service history. J.U.G.S. was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in February 1953 by Josephine Johnson Bridges and Sarah McKinnie Chandler. The purpose of the organization is to promote the welfare and educational opportunities of children, through philanthropic and charitable services, as well as through partnerships with individuals, our communities, and the corporate sector. Each chapter has a recognized not-for-profit status within their community.

J.U.G.S. became an international organization in 1998, when the Nassau, Bahamas chapter was installed. There are 14 chartered chapters, 8 active chapters in 13 US states and Nassau, Bahamas.

J.U.G.S. is now an international organization of dynamic women of color across America and in the Bahamas, making an impact on their respective communities. Our members are professional women with similar interests, backgrounds and lifestyles.

We are motivated and joined by a desire to share our time, talents and interests in civic, educational and social activities. Most importantly, we are dedicated to improving the plight of children and uplifting the educational aspirations of our young people.

J.U.G.S. has an international membership of dedicated women of color who strive foremost to help underprivileged, children. Each chapter has its own projects and agenda's related to the specific needs within their respective communities. But collectively our national and international project goal has been to provide educational opportunities to deserving students by providing academic scholarships through our charitable fundraising.

J.U.G.S. members play a prominent role in their communities. Among our roster of members are state and federal officials, college professors and administrators, teachers, business entrepreneurs, and many other professions.

J.U.G.S. contributes to its communities through fundraising activities and involvement in other local and national activities. Among the agencies and organizations supported are:

  • The National Association of Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Goodwill Homes Community Service
  • Shelters for Homeless Women and Children
  • Association for the Mentally Disabled
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Evangelical Children's Home
  • Lupus Research Foundation