J.U.G.S. Chartering Members, Memphis Chapter

Atlanta, Georgia

Baltimore, Maryland

Columbus, Georgia

Detroit, Michigan

Memphis, Tennessee

Miami, Florida

Nassau, Bahamas

St. Louis, Missouri

Baltimore JUGS at Founders High Tea, Memphis 2013

Baltimore JUGS - Community Outreach Reading Nook with Total Health Care Wellness Fair, 2014

St. Louis JUGS serving the community

St. Louis JUGS

Memphis JUGS serving the community youth at the Kids Cafe

Nassau JUGS in our Club Colors Purple and White

JUGS and friends having fun after convention business is done

Nassau JUGS recognized locally for improving the welfare of Bahamian youth

Public Speaking and Debate Team - Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore area Middle School and High School students are welcomed to sign-up.

Program runs from October 2016 - June 2017

For more information, contact