Courses that I have (co-)taught:

  • Asian Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca in Asia (UG level)

  • Cantonese Linguistics (PG level)

  • Chinese Rhetoric (UG level)

  • Chinese Studies Overseas (UG level)

  • Co-curricular Service Learning Course (UG level)

  • Introduction to Linguistics (UG level)

  • Language and the Human Footprint (UG level)

  • Language and Society (UG and PG levels)

  • Langugage, Society and Cognition (PG level)

  • Sociolinguistics (UG level)

  • Spoken and Written Discourse (UG and PG level)

  • Structure of Chinese (PG level)

I have also given guest lectures on the following topics

  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods in linguistics research (Postgraduate level students)

  • Preparation of research proposals (postgraduate level students)

  • Cantonese grammar to in-service teachers

Research student training (as chief supervisor)

  • Hu Xiaojuan, A Study on the Grammar of Lianhua Gan: From Synchrony to Diachrony (Viva Committee members: Professor Hilary Chappell, Professor Li Xuping, Professor Kwok Bit-chee, Dr Shin Kataoka), October 2019

  • Dina Kucherbayeva (admitted in September 2019)

Evidence-based capstone project supervision [Master of Science in Educational Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities] (as chief supervisor)

  • Cheng Yu Yan Yoyo. The use of the sentence final particle aa3 by typically developing Cantonese-speaking preschool children, 2020/21

  • Wong Hei Shing Prisca. Expression of additivity by Cantonese pre-school children, 2020/21

  • Yiu Shuk Lan Addie. Semantic and pragmatic comprehension of the hearsay evidential marker wo5 in Cantonese-speaking school-aged children with high-functioning autism, 2020/21

Dissertation viva committee member

  • Kan Wai Him, Vincent, Can Language Policy Outcome be Predicted? A Matrix Approach to Language Policy Analysis – Using Hong Kong from 1997 to 2010 as a Test Case (Dissertation supervisor: Professor Andy Kirkpatrick), The Education University of Hong Kong, August 2011.

  • Liu Hongchao, A Quantitative Study on the Lexical Aspect and Viewpoint Aspect in Mandarin Chinese (Dissertation supervisor: Professor Huang Chu-Ren), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, August 2018

  • Zhi Yuying, The Development of Periphrastic Causatives in Chinese Learners of English (Dissertation supervisor: Professor Cheung Hintat), The Education University of Hong Kong, September 2019

  • Lv, Shanshan. A Reference Grammar of Caijia: An Unclassified Language of Guizhou, China (Dissertation supervisor: Professor Hilary Chappell). École des hautes études en sciences sociales, July 2020

  • Lai Yik Po. 漢語的等比句──方言比較和類型學的視角 (Dissertation supervisor: Professor Kwok Bit-chee), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, July 2020.

  • Chen Jingwen. To the people, food is foremost: Cultural conceptualizations of Cantonese food-related idioms. (Dissertation supervisor: Dr Marc Xu), Monash University, May 2021