GREENWICH VILLAGE, MANHATTAN

    Title of Installation:

    1868 Portuguese Tile Panel

    Materials Used:

    Ceramic tiles

    General Description:

    The building:

    Quoted from p. 270, G R E E N W I C H  V I L L A GE H I S T O R I C  D I S T R I CT D E S I G N A T I O N     R E P O RT, Vol. 2, 


    I believe these are tin-glazed tiles, and I believe there once was a plaque on the building wall explaining the origin of the tile panel. 

    Year Created:


    Year Installed, if different:

    Does Installation Still Exist?

    Yes. Also, the building is within an historic district and is protected.

    Location of Installation:

    383 Bleecker Street/86 Perry Street, New York, NY

    (on the Perry Street side of the building)

    Additional Information, Websites, Citations:

    I have recently been informed that this tile panel may actually be made of Spanish tiles, and it may not be from the 19th Century.

    Photo courtesy of Michael Padwee

    Submitted by and Year:

    Michael Padwee (tileback101"at"collector.org); July 2011