Title of Installation:
Kameo Theatre/Philadelphian Sabbath Cathedral
Materials Used:
Polychromed terra cotta
General Description:
"The building was opened as the Cameo Theater in February of 1924. ...In 1925, the Loew’s chain took over the theater and renamed it the Kameo. It remained a movie theater until 1974, after which it was sold to the church. Although it needs to have the grime of the city removed, the terra-cotta ornament is well preserved and highly unusual. The structure of the roof theater remains as well. Inside, the church has preserved many of the original details. ...The architect, Eugene Wiseman, was a veteran theater architect."1

"Seating was provided for 1,500 on the roof of the Loew's Kameo Theatre. It opened on 13th June 1924 (4 months after the main theatre below opened) and it operated during summer months, screening the same movie as the downstairs theatre. The roof theatre was last used in the summer of 1948 and has since remained abandoned."2

Technical Information (Size,mfg., etc.):

Year Created:
Does Installation Still Exist?
Yes. The Church has made an effort to preserve both the exterior and interior of this structure.
Location of Installation:
530 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY
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Submitted by Michael Padwee (tileback101'at'collector.org) in April 2012.