Tales from the boat-shed..

Post date: Sep 21, 2015 6:19:25 PM

This weekend a great deal of work has been completed on both the Blue Launch and Little Tich.

Jen, Ron, Bev and Chris turned up for a 2 day paint fest.

The Blue Launch

Completely dismantled, washed and cleaned

Repainted with one coat of the new internal colour.

Broken oar repaired.

Blue upperworks painted in new colour paint.

As to the paint on the Launch. We have long recognised that the 'Ikea' colours were wrong. We have taken advice and have changed the colour of the interior to a buff resembling that of the Victory. The blue is much lighter, the colour previously used. Our original blue would have been an expensive colour to use. Much too dear for the RN.

Little Tich

All the internal resin work completed (including the cuddy).

Fuel tank removed.

Some caulking

Some more filling of the hull.