The Carronade Platform

Post date: Apr 05, 2020 12:34:54 PM

To form part of our 18th Century Royal Naval display, which includes a replica launch and extensive land-based 'show-and- tell', the group has constructed a short section of ship’s decking and bulwark . From this platform we are now able to perform naval gunnery displays using our fully-working replica 12 pdr Carronade.

This project gives us a ‘rapid deployment’ option for events, where we can literally roll-up, drop the sides and perform live gun drill.

Pictured are photographs of the inaugural deployment at the Royal Gunpowder Mills - Waltham Abbey - where the display was put on for a live demonstration at a symposium of Napoleonic Wars- era artillery

You can download a fact-sheet concerning Carronades at the foot of this news item

If you are interested in this aspect of our display repertoire, please email Chris Jones, our Chair

The two images above are reproduced from, and with kind permission from, Gordon Dedman - Flickr album - Artillery on Parade

at Royal Armouries- Fort Nelson