Hiroshi UNO

Associate Professor,
Graduate School of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University
1-1 Gakuen-cho, Naka-ku, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, JAPAN


Research Fields:  Economic Theory, Game Theory, Potential Games


Conference Presentations
  • The 68th European Meeting of the Econometric Society at Toulouse School of Economics,  27 August 2014  "Hierarchical Adaptations
  • Japanese Economic Association 2013 Spring meeting at Toyama University, 23 June 2013 "Saddle Functions and Robust Sets of Equilibra(with Vladyslav Nora)
  • The 4th World Congress of the Game Theory Society, Istanbul Bilgi University, 26 July 2012 "Hierarchical Adaptations"
  • Japanese Economic Association 2010 Fall meeting at Kwansei Gakuin University, 19 September 2010 "Best Response Adaptation in Nested Potential Games"
  • The 1st Annual UECE Lisbon Meetings: Game Theory and Applications at Technical University of Lisbon, 6 November 2009 "Strategic Complementarities and Nested Potential Games"
  • The 5th Spain, Italy, Netherlands Meeting on Game Theory at VU University Amsterdam, 2 July 2009 "Best-Response Adaptation in Nested Potential Games" 
  • The 5th Pan-Pacific Conference on Game Theory at The University of Auckland, 16 November 2008 "Strategic Complementarities and Nested Potential Games" 
  • The 3rd World Congress of the Game Theory Society at Northwestern University, 16 July 2008 "Nested Potentials and Robust Equilibria"
  • Japanese Economic Association 2007 Fall meeting at Nihon University, 24 September 2007 "Nested Potentials and Robust Equilibria"
  • Japanese Economic Association 2007 Spring meeting at Osaka Gakuin University, 2 June 2007 "Nested Potential Games"